Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 9/12/2007

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 286
ISBN : 9781425139964

About the Book

"A novel of moments", written in a poetic form of prose with mixed narrative styles. Jock Brine is the central character of Saltworks, and we follow Jock on his quest to understand and be free of a deep-seeded dread that has been a part of his life since early childhood. The narrative of the story is told in a variety of grammatical forms and through several characters and personalities. Symbolism and metaphor permeate the text and this must be kept in mind as one embarks upon this mysterious and at times dreamlike journey together with Jock Brine.

There are moments when grammatical usage is broken down and time and space is non-existent; and the essence or "salt" of Jock becomes the only tangible reality of the narrative. The text is at times demanding and requires a great deal of effort and concentration on the part of its readers. The author is challenging and engaging the reader's efforts to make associations with images, sounds, feelings and events depicted in the story. As the readers begin to involve themselves, the plot moves them through a series of scenes ranging from parental death, pains of puberty, religious upheaval and revelation, existential crises, sexual adventure, artistic expression and physical violence.

All of these elements are mixed into a deliciously surreal cocktail of a story that must be tasted and drank to it's full to be fully appreciated and understood. Yes, Saltworks does grip and engage the reader, as do many books. But what makes Saltworks a truly endearing story and unique reading experience, is its demand upon the reader, to grip it as strongly as Saltworks engages them.

About the Author

Graeme Perrin was born in New Zealand and now lives in Copenhagen. Before settling in Denmark, he traveled extensively and has been greatly influenced by the different cultures and philosophies he experienced while traveling. These influences have expressed themselves through his writing and today this same form of writing is an important part of his life. He now works as a qualified educationalist for teenage children and is at present establishing himself as a life development coach, where creativity and communication are his main focus areas. Graeme is married with two children.