Poems by Kolki

Absolutely Humane




Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 10/16/2007

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 240
ISBN : 9781425123956

About the Book

Poems by Kolki (Deepak Sarkar) is a book of thoughtful poems written from realizations toward achieving a peaceful and co-excisting heaven on Earth. These poems are about universal well being, peace and love, as perceived by the author, a dual Canadian and American citizen originally from Kolkata, India, throughout his life and during years of renunciation phase - revisiting world history and religion without pre-conceived notions!

The scientific and extensive corporate knowledge blended with an artistic global mind toward universal love and craving for long lasting peace in an egaletarian world resulted in many unique poems in almost all aspects of life including philosphical, political, economical, social and romantic. Thus re-establishing truth is the basis of many poems including epic poems like 'Jesus', 'Palestine', 'Illegal Immigrants', 'God' and 'Universal God'; while fresh original thoughts created poems like 'Democracy', 'Participatory Democracy', 'Universal Super Power', 'Silent God', etc.

Overall, the book has poems for almost all audience with positive outlook of enlightenment - be it for love, peace, politics, philosophy, social or economy. Many poems are inspirational while others are informative and solution drivien! As commented by eminent historian and scholar Professor Mansura Haidar of Aligarh University 'It was always refreshingly pleasant to go through your new creations. It is indeed nice to hear that you have thought of publishing the entire collection so that one enjoys the beautiful contents in continuity and if possible in one go. The themes are so relevant to present day. Let us hope it is just the beginning'.

About the Author

A dual Canadian and American citizen was born in Calcutta, India, on October 17, 1954. A writer, composer, music teacher and performer, besides a Professional Engineer, MBA in Telecommunications Management and Ph.D. candidate at the University of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.

A converted Vegetarian who believes in non-violence and peace can be achieved throughout the world without military strategic interests while visualizing collateral damages as real death and destructions.

Brought up in Southern Calcutta was always keen to know and learn about the people and their real condition. A nature and animal lover who maintained his faith in universal well being throughout the career. Travelled extensively in North America and India as well as visited many foreign countries in Europe and Asia.

Also a singer who composed songs like 'Canadian Pride', 'Spirit of Victoria', 'Quest', 'Co-existence', 'Peace Now', 'Life is Simple' and 'New Year'! Directed many Musical shows and performed solo in community fund raising events. Produced music CDs and informational web sites.

Wrote many peace related articles since 9/11, 2001, which can be accessed online via his poetry WEB Site: www.kolki.com

Many poems by Kolki had been published in the International Society of Poets anthologies including 'Immortal Verses' and 'Secrets of the Soul', News Media and journals around the world, as well as part of Noble House collections like 'Colours of the Heart' and 'Theatre of the Mind', some winning awards!

Working on future books 'Living with the lovebirds', 'Real path to 9/11', 'Universal consciousness' & 'Humane Cuisine'.

'Let us not waste any more time hunting for virtual terrorism! The whole world is hungry for peace and democracy achieved through mutual respect and understanding, not using bombs and missiles. War divides and destroys people and civilization, animal and environment, as the ultimate weapons of mass destruction'... Kolki.