Tamar - It's Still Your Coat!

by Marjorielyn R Campbell



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Language : English
Publication Date : 9/26/2007

Format : E-Book
Dimensions : N/A
Page Count : 1
ISBN : 9781466958753

About the Book

Never in the history of humanity, has the world been faced with so many broken lives than what we are currently experiencing today. Men and especially women who have been bruised by circumstances and events that inflicted deep wounds on their lives and destiny form the units that make up the nations.

In this book, thoughtfully authored by Rev Marjorielyn R Campbell, one of the most painful stories of the Bible is used to address the crippling effects of a sexual attack on a woman by a person of trust in her life.

It is one of those taboo subjects that is never talked about within the family, better left where it is and better swept under the carpet never to receive justice. However, the author has sensitively done exactly that - justice. What this book ministers to the reader is not just something that was learned from another book or concepts that the human mind put together but it is from something that was given by God and birthed from a life totally devoted to God.

No matter how bruised the life is and regardless of what may have happened, the reader will never remain the same by the time the last page is read. Healing will spring from within to the many lives that have been afflicted by this subtle ploy of the enemy to keep the daughters of God bound. A rose is still a rose and at the scent of water it will bud again.

About the Author

First and foremost, Marjorielyn R Campbell loves the Lord and is committed to Him. She is married and works closely with her husband Desmond. They are both international ministers covering the UK and abroad and they have two children, Joel and Olivia.

Marjorielyn is the ministry leader for Petra Global Ministries (PGM) reaching out to the saved and unsaved; men and women; people of all ages, cultures etc. PGM focuses on prayerfully supporting individuals through the broken experiences of life. This is done by pointing and leading them to a total acceptance of Jesus Christ and dependence on the Word of God thus empowering them to rise and stand strong again in their calling and purpose. Specific areas of ministry include:

Family; Marriage; Women; Supporting Ministries & Churches; Ministry to Ministers; Leadership Training; Personal Integrity; Workshops - Health & Weight Loss, Senior Citizens fulfilling God's Purpose, Liberated to Live plus others;

Please visit the PGM website for more detailed information on how Churches, Ministries and Individuals can receive support by way of Consultancy/ Coaching/Workshops/Ministry Engagements: www.petraglobal.org.uk