Facts or Contra' Thoughts

The Fallen Angels




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Language : English
Publication Date : 4/30/2008

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5x8
Page Count : 136
ISBN : 9781425148928

About the Book

"Facts or Contra Thoughts, Book I: The Fallen Angels", provides the reader with the author's insightful and thought provoking perceptions and views regarding the existence and roles that fallen angels play during the eternal and epic struggle between the forces of evil and righteousness to lay claim of the souls of people everywhere. Composed in alternately conversational and passionate narrative, the text flows at a brisk tempo that should maintain the reader's interest throughout. Well organized and exceptionally thorough, the work reflects the author's vast knowledge of the subject matter. For those who share the author's staunch beliefs, or seek clarity pertaining to a myriad of spiritual issues, the offering could resonate strongly.

The Author professes no expertise in the matter, but rather offers a comprehensive examination of scripture as related to those who wish to distort the true meaning of God's word and mission.

Beseeching all readers to forsake the efforts of those delivering false interpretations of the Bible for the sole gain of only the fallen angels, the author reveals overt fallacies contained in the foundation of their messages while exposing the nefarious means by which they capture the minds of those easily misled. Using such well-known works as The Da Vinci Code as examples, the author dissects the basis for its success and the damage such false books have wrought throughout the spiritual world.

The Author does not expect all Christians to agree with some or all of his reasoning. Some of the arguments though are with stark frankness but may be seen to be contradictory, but be assured it is presented with malice towards none, as the Author seeks to exhibit what he as an individual, ordinary lay Catholic understand as correct.

The Author recommends that this book be read by as many who wish to do so because the powers of the spirit force, from the pits of the earth are very strong and are as active as ever. They are drawing the Catholics, the Protestants and the Orthodox Christians away from their Churches, attracting and dragging them out into the wilderness and sending them wayward with doubts with the likes of the Da Vinci Code. This is being done in fulfillment of the desires of the fallen angels.

About the Author

The author Mr. Anthonysamy had during his school days led an active life in the activities and in the various organisations both in the school as well as in his Church. He had his earlier career with the Plantations for more than twenty years. He married his wife Mary Pereira during this time. Both his wife and he are blessed with three sons, Dennis, Kevin and Adrian. Their eldest son Dennis is happily married to Caraline Victor.

It was during his time in the Plantations, that he realised the reality of satan's hand in almost all the works, actions and decisions of the people. He also realised that whatever religion one professes, be it Christianity, Islam or Hinduism, satan is there to impede and disturb any good that is proposed to be done. Estate workers are simple and humble people who will discharge their responsibilities to the satisfaction of the authorities.

Being a Christian himself, he had many opportunities to mingle with the Christians who were always facing immense hardship and failures within their families as well as with the community at large. A task force, "The Young Christian Workers" (YCW) was formed to help sort out simple problems and misunderstandings.

The YCW realised that most of the problems were connected in one way or another with jealousy, egoism, revenge, hatred, prejudices etc. With this realisation, we were also able to visualise the active hand of satan creating impediments that destroys not only the peace and unity of the community but even to the extent of making the Catholics leave the Catholic Church. The author took the cue from here to organise an in-depth study into the origin of satan and their activities, hence this book. Nevertheless, the author does not claim to be an expert on religion nor a theologian. These are his personal thoughts, discoveries and experiences.