Deliver Us From Evil




Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 2/20/2008

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5x7
Page Count : 370
ISBN : 9781412055659

About the Book

It has been nine long winters of peace, nine long winters since the evil was banished from the lands. But lo! Evil has endured and in a new guise seeks the verdant heart of realm Travenspa againÉ 'The sound of water running off a fall, the wind through time-gnarled willow trees, a glade of bluebells, ferns reclaiming an old ruin, a bubbling brook by a peaceful hamlet, the morning bird call, a village pond, a tree-house on the outskirts of a farm, a lazy summer morning where butterflies kiss the blooms, I love all such things... ...of Travenspa, and I will see it stay'. - A sworn protector of the realm. A god of darkness, woe to mortal kind, an alliance with a soul stealer king, Éa pact with the god of misery, forged in sin. Destruction shall be their nourishment, killing shall satiate thirst, for the army of doom comethÉ A tortured soul must find a reborn dwarf, a Circle of good must defend the realm again, three shall come from afar to join, and a dreamful protector will watch over all. A further two, their paths hold a clueÉ A son so shrouded, a mistress puppeteer, and the one who will feature, one of a pair, the being Shadowaxe Ð Misery beware!

About the Author

Paul M Billinghurst lives in Buckinghamshire, England with his partner Caroline, their carnivorous familiar Balthazar Butterbur, hoppy-go-lucky Alfie B, a wide of assortment of bound parchments, a well-stocked larder and a vast selection of fantastical wares that would put ‰*÷old man Simmons‰*ª to shame! ‰*Ïthe ale! Did he mention the ale! Dramatis Personae: Back to LÌÈnae, is his second novel in a line of pocket-sized books of fast-paced, fighting-fantasy adventure for young adults.