The Old Man's Secret

by Sandra-Kay Austin



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 12/20/2005

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 180
ISBN : 9781412071949

About the Book

Corey has just moved from Toronto to the small village of Bryan's Ford, where things are definitely not the same. To start with, a girl named Miranda is the only one living near him who isn't an adult and she doesn't seem all that happy he's there. Then, there's mean Old Man Marshall, who keeps showing up at the weirdest times to make him angry. And there's his mother's refusal to answer any questions about the man, and the way she just keeps ignoring everything wrong and she keeps repeating, "It's just you and me and God now." Besides that, he keeps running into the scary things that he doesn't know about such as bears. However, when Miranda begins to introduce him to a new world that includes things like pig-wrestling and frog-catching, their friendship begins to grow. But the mystery around Old Man Marshall grows too and when they search for answers in his abandoned mine, the adventure really begins. And when he finds the answers he's seeking, Corey receives the biggest surprise of his lifetime.

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About the Author

For 17 years Sandra-Kay Austin lived in an undeveloped rural village near the Rocky Mountains in British Columbia, where she was an avid outdoorswoman and actively involved in the local Search and Rescue Group. In her book The Old Man's Secret, she has drawn from the interesting characters, local events, and the hours she spent enjoying nature there. She has two grown-up children and three grandchildren and has worked in children's ministry in the past and is currently still volunteering in this field. The Old Man's Secret combines her love of God, children, family, nature, adventure, and mystery. At present, she resides on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, with her husband of 37 years. This is her first children's novel and although it has meant a change of direction from her business that has been marketing her original poetry, she feels there's always room for one more rip-roaring, uplifting tale that encourages good relationships and healthy interests.