African Wisdom

A Collection of African Proverbs and Their Interpretations

by Ifeanyi Wami Uhuegbu



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 2/16/2007

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5x8.25
Page Count : 262
ISBN : 9781412071765

About the Book

To live effectively in a traditional African society is to have mastery of the nuances of communications. This is an article of existence made rather imperative by the time-settled character of the African society.

Tradition has always been the soul of the African society and rich idioms more than any other dimensions of expression constitute both the very fountain from which the cultural soul is reinforced and replenished, and the channel through with the essence of the African soul is handed down from generation to generation.

African Wisdom captures as much as is possible within the boundaries of one volume the eclectic stretch of African parables, that essential vehicle that transmits African wisdom and values.

Life, meaningful living within the typical traditional African society is not expected to be a disorderly, choreographed outing. There is a purpose to every life, or so it is commonly believed. In African societies, it is believed that life is designed to give ample expression to the deep bond between the past and the present, the ancestors and their living progenitors, the gods and the mortal wards on the earthly plane. This emphasis on the importance of structuring a life of meaning is best captured in the African saying that "a good death is better than wasted or meaningless life."

African Wisdom offers an impressive articulation of the multi-dimensional, issue-specific African saying that is either prescriptive of the higher goals and wholesome values to which every conduct in every society is expected to conform or descriptive of conduct not expected of a correct head on a correct neck.

Wisdom is of course, not confined to any one continent. The language and idioms in which words are couched are however culture-defined and culture-enriched.

African Wisdom presents a great insight into the profound, peculiar thrust of parables and wise sayings that reflect the values and character of traditional African Societies.

About the Author

Ifeanyi Uhuegbu is a renowned international journalist and former travel editor of Champion Newspapers Limited for about a decade. He is widely travelled and has been voted for many years as the best travel journalist in Nigeria by many travel and tourism establishments and non-governmental organisations (NGOS).

His ten years weekly pullout on travel and tourism in the Daily Champion Newspapers helped in changing the face of the sector in Nigeria. Today Nigeria has a full culture and tourism ministry and she participates fully in all activities of the World Tourism Organisation (WTO).

Very humorous and ardent supporter of African culture, Mr. Uhuegbu loves communicating using African proverbs. No wonder he decided embarking on this project which will serve as a one stop point for those interested in African Wisdom and how Africans communicate.

He is currently a travel consultant and freelance journalist. He is also a minister of God, married to his pearl of inestimable value, Dikachim and they are blessed with children.