A Woman's Guide To Opening A Man's Heart

by Kamala Allen



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 1/28/2009

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 202
ISBN : 9781412073523

About the Book

A Woman's Guide to Opening a Man's Heart is a guide to creating love's alchemy rather than hoping for love's chemistry. Taken from the author's advanced training and apprenticeships in western psychology, energetic healing and sacred sexuality, the information presented herein will allow the reader to answer this question: "How can I open my own true heart to myself as well as to my partner?"

Ê Men and women, alike, have been taught to deny their genuine and vulnerable feelings in favor of an aggressive and defensive style of relating that enables them to cope and succeed in the world. Yet both want the same things: love, friendship and the bliss of true intimacy. Without knowing how to open our hearts and stay present to our deeply genuine natures, with and through each other, men and women continue to experience upset, anger, disappointment and despair as the expression of their unfelt or unexpressed love for each other.

With self-acceptance, compassion and skill, anyone can create the relationship they long for. Join the author in this journey of self-discovery and healing as you learn how to:

Shift your partners from their heads to their hearts in intimate relating
Entice your partners to authentically express their anger, tears and laughter
Transform and use the energy of anger, fear and sadness more productively
Have what you want by expressing your needs in positive ways
Use sexuality as a sacred healing force in your relationships
Develop acceptance and understanding of yourself and others
Nurture and maintain your relationships through their many stages

About the Author

Kamala Allen, Ph.D. has worked as a psychotherapist in the human relations field since 1973. She has also participated in several cutting edge human relations laboratories and communities, including those form esoteric wisdom traditions. For the past twenty years, she has trained in the sacred sexual arts with tantra yoga masters. As a skilled psychotherapist, healer and tantric practitioner, she teaches workshops to women, men and couples in how to realize relationship empowerment and satisfaction.