Savoir GŽrer son Entreprise Agricole

Guide des Pratiques Exemplaires des Fermiers Leaders du Canada




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Language : French
Publication Date : 11/26/2007

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5.5x8.5
Page Count : 74
ISBN : 9781425136192

About the Book

The Knowledge Guide is an excellent summary of agri-food best management practices used in Canada. Best Management Practices (BP) is the idea of seeking out the "best of the best" business concepts and adapting those ideas into your business. Many industries have researched, analyzed and identified the keys that can be used for sustainable growth and survival in the global economy. Businesses today, in any sector in any country have to consider these ideas within their own resource mix and business strategy.

The transition of the agri-food sector globally is facing a severe trial to a new "future state". That future state will have fewer more nimble and market sensitive demand chains, which identify, research and develop novel products, which have high utility and customer functionality. These demand chains will involve new protocols for production, processing and serving the end customer, safely and timely. The future state will simply not be the same as today.

With a focus on the future state, some key operating factors are very clear. The integration of global capital markets, great speed of information gathering and reporting, higher interest by consumers in the link of food, nutrition and health/disease management and prevention and risks, and the reality of trade and market barriers, together make it imperative that best practices be assessed and employed for long term survival.

These best management practices can serve as the "compass" for individually defined progress, but it is up to leaders and managers to guide individuals and firms towards the future management state. This is a never-ending challenge in a globally competitive environment with many unknowns and uncertainties. The role of "best management practices" is to help address and respond to these unknowns. It also provides new ways for firms to rise above competitors in the search for enduring customer driven growth, profitability and new product innovations.

This Guide provides real life evidence on best management practices being used in Canada and how to adapt the concepts to your agri-business. It provides a strong template for allied businesses in the supply chain to work together in a globally competitive marketplace.

About the Author

Darrell Toma, MSc, PAg, CMC has over 25 years of professional consulting experience in business, services, public sector and the agri-food sector. Darrell with a strong academic education in economics and management and rural experience, has been heavily involved in Western Canada's value added developments in functional foods, processed foods, bioproducts and applied research projects with government, industry associations, colleges and private sector clients. He has worked and traveled in Canada, Australia, Egypt, the USA, Romania, Korea, Hong Kong, Mexico and Japan. His firm is listed at

Darrell has been involved in research in best management practices for over 6 years. Specific research on over 160 Western Canadian farmers provides a basis for the Guide and subsequent workshops in BC and Alberta helped validate the Guide on implementing the practices. Emerging trends and new business models are also discussed. The BMP project has been presented in Canada, Brazil, Mexico and the USA and results have been validated by others in Canada, the USA, and AU with professional colleagues. He has also completed projects in best practices in manufacturing, food processing and economic development agencies. He is a sought out speaker and has been a keynote speaker in Australia, USA and Canada. He has published a book chapter on volunteer leadership and a number of professional papers on NAFTA, international trade, innovation, and business and economic issues.

  • He is involved in professional associations as a leader and has been recognized with several awards: Past-President of the Alberta Chambers of Commerce- 22,000 business members,
  • Past- Board member of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce- 170,000 members
  • "Distinguished Agrologists" Award from the Alberta Institute of Agrologists,
  • "Make It Happen" Award from the Canadian Consulting Agrologists Association,
  • "Queen's Golden Jubilee Medal" for community Service in 2003 from the Governor General,
  • "Alberta Centennial Medal" for community service in 2006 from the Alberta government.