The Alien Freak

And Other Tales & Poems

by Al-Amin Hussain



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 1/27/2009

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5x8
Page Count : 66
ISBN : 9781425153779

About the Book

The poems are about our circle of life, animals, dreams, a school day and seasonal. There are two kennings.

In the Alien Freak, the alien comes down to Earth from planet Scralite to find its baby.

In Ghost Boy, the friendly ghost is scared of light and needs protection. Max, his friend helps him survive the light.

In the Island, 3 people are stranded there. They are scared for their lives as they are not alone in the Island. Will they be the victims of murder? Will they escape the Island?

The portal of the dark magician is about a teacher, very different in appearance to the other teachers. The three children, Jessica, Jack and Scott were very curious about this teacher, Ken Woods. Scott finds a secret portal and tells his friends. The children follow Ken into the portal and there the adventure begins. The magician has captured the 3 children so that they cannot leave the dimension of the portal to return home. They become the people of the portal.

In the creatures under the carpet, there are no creatures but an illusion.

In the 3 magical keys, 2 brothers go into a forbidden meadow and find themselves stuck in a derelict mansion but with the help of a child ghost they return home.

The Greedy, Selfish Marquis is about morals.

In the Wishing Star, Jordan travels in the Victorian times to meet Queen Victoria. He returns home in a time machine.

About the Author

Al-Amin Hussain was born in London in 1996. He is an only child. He started writing stories at an early age. A lot of his writing was displayed at school, in the school hall, classroom or read to the whole school at assembly time. He won a prize at school for his poem, Fridays. It was at the age of 9-10 that he wrote the stories that are being published. At year 2 he got level 3 in writing, the highest level. At year 6 he obtained level 5 in English. He is currently studying to do 5 GCSES at year 7.

He is a very imaginative person which helps in his writing. He is creative and is very good around the house in assembly things together; is very constructive. He is good in the use of computers and modern technology; is also mechanical.

He has aspirations to travel to different parts of the world. He enjoys music and at primary school he played the violin and recorder.

He has a competitive nature and takes an interest in sports, football, basketball and was in the chess club at school. His other hobbies include swimming and playing game consoles.

He hopes that he can make a positive contribution to other people’s enjoyment of reading.