Enter The Time Of Great Tribulation




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Language : English
Publication Date : 12/4/2008

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5.5x8.5
Page Count : 148
ISBN : 9781425164461

About the Book

This book reveals where the Holy Bible reflects irrefutable key work indicators that present accurate reliable explanations and answers to the following questions and many more regarding prophetic end time events. These questions are among some of the want to know for many modern day bible scholars and knowledge of current signs of the times. For example:

a. what is, and what will the "abomination of desolation" really be?

b. how long does the "great tribulation" period really last from the begining to end?

c. does the "rapture" of the church saints take place before the rapture of the church?

d. will the modern day church really move into an unprecedented new wine latter day rain revival and perform "exploits" before the rature of the church?

e. what is the "Day of the Lord" and how long does it last?

f. what is the "Battle of Armegeddon", when does it actually occur and who is involved?

g. will there be people living in their flesh bodies alive after the Day of the Lord's wrath and Battle of Armegeddon?

h. does the Ezekiel "Gog, the land of Magog" conflict occur before or after the rapture of the modern day church saints?

i. will 200 million Asian/Chinese soldiers really come across the Euphrates river to take part in th Battle of Armegeddon?

j. does end time prophetic bible scriptures suggest a nuclear arms holocaust among or between the nations as we know them to be?

k. will the Ark of the Covenant be found and made public after all these years?
l. what about life after the Battle of Armegeddon and after Jesus Christ's millennial reign?

m. what role, if any, will the USA play in proghetic biblical end time events?

About the Author

The author is an ordained minister and a Christian of ober thirty years. His study of end time prophetic events is an ever ongoing accomplishment and has beenfor many years. Originally persuaded by the pre-tribulation rapture theory doctrine, more from handed down Christian tradition than anything, your author has further and extensively researched the matter and concluded that out of the three mnain tribulation rapture theories, they all three cannot ce correct, That for any such theory to be reliably accurate, said theory must include all the relevant prophetic end time scriptures in a nonconflicting manner. In otherwords the scriptures cannot be force fit, but fit only one way like a finely made jigsaw puzzle. After-all, it should be the actual genuine truth that one seeks and not just merely to reinforce or confirm one's preconceived traditionally accepted idea, even if the truth of said matter establishes said traditionally accepted ideas erroneous. This author is also a prisoner of the USA's War On Drugs. Wherin as resulted in the author's reawakening to God's way of doing things and the necessary time, prayer, seeking of the truth, and other additional resources to produce the herein book.