You Can't Eat Your Furniture

A Simple Plan for a Well-Fed Retirement

by Edited by Anne Holloway, Cover Design or Artwork by Jim Webb and Robert Chown



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 3/25/2009

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 148
ISBN : 9781425174934

About the Book

Do you spend precious time on your personal finances, but just can’t seem to get ahead? Have you ever tried tracking all of your spending, only to find it a time-consuming and pointless exercise? Do you feel you are neglecting your long-term financial goals? This book helps you get a handle on your day-to-day finances and focus with laser-like precision on your long-term financial goals by streamlining and simplifying your financial affairs. It shows you that successfully accumulating a retirement portfolio depends on just two things: your rate of savings and your rate of return.

Boost your rate of savings - optimize your household cash flow:

  1. Discover how you spend your money on just four things. Learn how to avoid common pitfalls that sap your rate of savings.
  2. Monitor your financial health in just ten minutes.

Enhance your rate of return – focus on what works and ignore the rest:

  1. Simplify your investment strategy.
  2. Learn about the one decision that essentially predetermines your rate of return.
  3. Formulate an investment strategy for all markets: good, bad, and sideways.

    Put it all together:

    1. Set a realistic retirement income objective, monitor your portfolio, and address your risks.
    2. See what a RIO, a TRIP, and a PIP can do for you.
    The steps you need to streamline and simplify your day-to-day finances, get on track to fulfilling your long-term financial goals, and have more time and energy for more enjoyable pursuits are in this book.

About the Author

Robert Chown is a Chartered Accountant and Certified Financial Planner, and he holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical Engineering. He is a financial advisor with one of Canada’s leading investment firms. Over the past dozen years, he has helped hundreds of clients streamline their finances and focus on what is essential to achieving their financial goals.