A Seven Year Journey Around the World




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Language : English
Publication Date : 4/4/2008

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 226
ISBN : 9781425173241

About the Book

About the Book

Take the Journey to Your Passion and Purpose

This uplifting and inspirational story takes you on a journey with one woman who travels around the world for seven years in search of her passion and purpose.

Julie tells the story of her last seven years as a nomad of the world, with humour, poignancy and intelligence, making this dream seem attainable for any woman.

She travels unconventionally and without a plan, facing up to her own fears of loneliness and vulnerability. A testament to human spirit and courage, it is a very personal account of discovering individual self.

"To circumnavigate the seven seas is the "crown jewel" of travel. Most of us wish to see the world and experience different things. But upon our return do we see things differently? Julie Salisbury is one of those who returned a changed person. "A Seven Year Journey Around the World - Discovering My Passion and Purpose" bears witness to her remarkable achievement and resulting insight. It is this kind of direct contact with other cultures and far-away places which she experienced first-hand that brings inner enrichment".

Henri van Bentum, President, British Columbia chapter, International Circumnavigators Club


"Julie has found a fulfilling, meaningful and balanced life through her process of self-discovery. She has discovered that a positive outlook becomes a positive result and that through times of despair she trusted the universe to provide the answers. She demonstrates the law of attraction all the way through this story and will go on to inspire others to find their own passion and purpose".

Peter Sage, Entrepreneur, Motivational Coach and Professional speaker.


About the Author

About the Author

Owner and President of Distinctive Management Co. which offers Inspiring and Motivational products and services including "InspireABook - be the author of your dreams"™ A program designed to inspire first time authors to self-publish. She is also the co-founder of a non-profit which supports education and well-being of women and children in Cambodia. She is a radio talk show guest on many shows including CFAX1070AM, featured on British TV (Anglia TV and satellite) and Shaw TV Daily show in Victoria B.C. She is currently co-hosting a documentry series on "Compassionate Women" for Supreme Master TV interviewing women she met during her travels in Cambodia and Lao about empowering local women.

Born in Leicester, England, Julie succeeded early in her 10 year marketing profession and by the age of 32 owned her own half-million dollar Victorian home overlooking the golf course, drove a Mercedes, enjoyed exotic holidays and traveled first class on business around the world. She had a spectacular epiphany in 1998 when she suddenly realized she wasn't happy, despite everyone else telling her how lucky she was. So she signed over the house, sold all her belongings and set off for a nomadic life with no ties.

Her seven year journey around the world helped her to discover her true self and she now helps to guide women on their own path to self-discovery.

She has visited over 35 countries and lived in South Africa, Madagascar, Tanzania, Kenya, an Indian Ocean Desert Island, Thailand, Malaysia, Mexico, Canada and of course, England. She now lives in Victoria B.C. with her husband Greg.


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