Split Wide Open




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Language : English
Publication Date : 6/11/2008

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5.5x8.5
Page Count : 220
ISBN : 9781425168728

About the Book

When one drug in particular is licensed by the Government to be sold at certain pharmacists, Nat Ackroyd hardly expects a load to fall at his feet, especially in Cumbria's leafy lanes. But then Nat's prime motivation is to earn the right to call himself a villager. Maybe that fact has something to do with Jayne Middlemarsh, the young schoolteacher who was born and bred in FellBeck village – Lower FellBeck that is!

Not without good reason Nat therefore finds himself supporting Jayne at a charity event is organising for a sick child. But the news of Nat's extraordinary pillage has spread far and wide, especially after some of this drug is fed inadvertently to Ginger, Reggie Bentine's prize stallion, with quite surprising results!

Such news moreover is bound to attract the attention of a certain South American, who has recently rented a large property overlooking the lake and complete with its own swimming pool, although it must be said that this pool is certainly not intended for swimmers! This factor is of course in addition to the feelings of the folk living in the village's rival twin, Upper FellBeck.

The tranquil setting of the Lake District is further disturbed when the crime stoppers also decide that perhaps it is time for them to take a hand – !

About the Author


Hi there again

Guess what – I realised I was deaf this week. Not that it was any great surprise for I have been that way since I was born! No this week my favourite pair of aids finally went and died on me! Now that should be enough to plant the embryo for a new story! No – not this one – one for the future! This one is about feeling that one really belongs to a place, with one or two deviations on route, naturally! Enough anyway for Jim, my husband to pen a little more music on a theme as well as toy with his digital camera and also keep Laurence busy during his University vacation! My thanks as usual to both of them and also to yourselves for reading this story!

Cheers Kath Steele