They Love You They Hate You

Discovering Leadership - A Guide to Leadership, Retaining Talent and Building Commitment




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Language : English
Publication Date : 2/21/2008

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 136
ISBN : 9781425127237
Format : Hardcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 136
ISBN : 9781425147372

About the Book

This is the leadership book written for the front-line leader. Leadership is the subject of fascination by many and the least understood by most. The very definition of leadership is so controversial that no one approach can be agreed upon. Dr. Shelton makes it clear what leadership is and that front-line leaders are not the same and do not do the same as what top corporate visionary leaders do. Dr. Shelton not only draws from the latest research literature to strengthen leadership principles but uses historical best practices to explain leadership effectiveness.

Dr. Shelton has written a terrifically interesting book with lots of good ideas that can be used to build teams, motivate, inspire and build trust. Some of those ideas include:

  • The Physician Rule. "use the least radical surgery to cure the problem"
  • Why fear based leadership always fails
  • Listening is not the same as hearing
  • People who deserve recognition the least, need it the most
  • Doing nothing wrong is not the same as doing the right thing
  • The Sheepherder drives - The Sheppard leads
  • Accountability is not the same as punishment
  • Two most destructive leadership characteristics - criticism and anger
  • The destructive force of leaders - behavior disorders

The book tells it all, why as leaders, your people love you or why they hate you.

About the Author

Dr. Ed Shelton is an experienced, business executive who is a top speaker and presenter. Few businessmen have the depth and understanding of the front line workers and those who lead them than what Dr. Shelton offers. His friends and business colleagues describe him as a modern day champion of the American worker who has dedicated his life to building front line leaders.

Dr. Shelton's experiences bring leadership examples to light in a way that is entertaining and real. He is unique in that he has studied leadership as a military officer, an assistant professor, a senior executive in manufacturing and meat processing and from the lens as a civic leader within his community.

Leadership experiences in the military include serving as an Infantry Platoon Leader on the DMZ in Korea and two tours as an Infantry Company Commander in Panama and in the U.S. His leadership training included attendance at the Infantry Officer Basic and Advanced Course at Ft. Benning Georgia, Chilean War Academy in Santiago Chili, U.S. Army Airborne School, Jungle Warfare School, and Special Operations School in Hurlburt Fiel. Florida. Dr. Shelton's military decorations include the U.S. Army Parachutist Badge, Expert Infantry Badge, and Meritorious Service Medal with oak leaf cluster. Other distinguished awards included the Artillery Saint Barbara Medal.

As Assistant Professor at Penn State University, Dr. Shelton developed and taught leadership courses that included leadership building, training model for young emerging leaders and skills based training programs.

His research in Hispanic immigrant labor is regarded as essential literature in meat and poultry organizations and in cultural leadership development.

Dr. Shelton's greatest contribution has been in industry and meat processing plants throughout the United States. Working as an executive in organizations such as Simmons Foods, Excell Beef Company (Cargil Meat Solutions), Vlasic International, Smithfield Foods, Fleetwood Homes of Texas and Bar-S Foods. Dr. Shelton has developed and implemented leadership programs that have been effective in union avoidance campaigns and used by employees to decertify unions. His expertise and programs have elevated many plants to best overall status within their organizations.

Dr. Shelton has lived in Germany, Italy, Korea, and Panama and in the U.S., Oklahoma, Texas, Missouri, Florida, Pennsylvania, Ohio, North Carolina and Colorado. He has a ranch home near Waco Texas where he resides with his wife Suzanne Shelton a English High School teacher and his five children, Crystal, Charmaine, Samuel, Annette and Barbara. His greatest happiness has been his marriage to Suzanne for over 30 years.

Dr. Shelton's ambitious nature and fascination with leadership manifests itself in his personal interests. He has raised five children, is a certified PADI Scuba Diving Instructor, a licensed FAA Single Engine pilot, and is an acclaimed expedition leader to the San Blas Region of Caledonia Bay.