A Kingdom Divided

Book II - The Adventures of Mortimer Trilogy

by Kevin J. Kurtz



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 11/6/2007

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5.5x8.5
Page Count : 112
ISBN : 9781425126940

About the Book

This is a story of longing...longing to be loved, respected, admired.

Mortimer is alone. He is far away from his mother. Gwendolyn has escaped to find her grandfather, and Eonder, Mortimer's father-figure, has abandoned him.

Mortimer no longer wears the golden helmet Eonder gave him to keep his thoughts clear. Mortimer is now susceptible to the enticement and allure of Queen Valora.

Valora will stop at nothing to seize the Western Kingdom. Her spies, pawns and minions are spread throughout the land. Ghimel, her advisor, hates Mortimer and blames him for the death of his twin, Gharma.

Mortimer succumbs to the wiles of Valora and willingly leads a band of her troops to retrieve the crown of glory that rests on the pile of gold in Gharma's cave.

It is on this journey that Mortimer meets Eonder in the Willow Grove. Eonder's words disturb Mortimer, and force him to ask the one question that Queen Valora despises.

The Queen's tirade scares Mortimer. When a mysterious note arrives telling Mortimer his life is in danger, he flees the White Castle at midnight.

It is on this new journey that Mortimer will be offered redemption and the chance to fulfill his destiny.

About the Author

Kevin Kurtz began storytelling at an early age as he acted out the characters he had seen on television. One day he could be Batman, the next day a pirate, cowboy, or astronaut. His adventures were as big as his imagination.

He would draw from these childhood memories to create stories that entertain children. He has had the privilege of watching a child's eyes widen with excitement as they have listened to his storytelling.

A curious thing has happened in the development of this story, adults love the "Mortimer" characters too, and are caught up in Mortimer's thrilling adventures.

Kevin continues to stretch his ability to paint with words, dabbling in a variety of genres and styles. But he always comes back to the story close to his heart, "Mortimer".

Kevin is inspired and encouraged by his family; wife, Wendy, and two sons, Michael and Andrew.