Ronald Reagan & The Evil Empire

A Fictional Autobiography of Ronald Reagan

by Alan Allen



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Language : English
Publication Date : 3/5/2010

Format : E-Book
Dimensions : N/A
Page Count : 1
ISBN : 9781466978263
Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 308
ISBN : 9781426926563

About the Book

(Spring 2010) This historical novel finds President Reagan and First Lady Nancy trying to do the best acting of their lives to leave the White House, alive. (abridged edition)

Our most loved and hated President after Kennedy and before Obama, Ronnie struggles to defeat the ‘Evil Empire’ and not lose his mind to Alzheimer’s dementia.

Can he still trust Bill Casey and George Bush, George Shultz, Selwa Roosevelt and Mike Deaver? Can Ronnie find out who's pulling his strings?

A fervent anti-Communist and Nazi hater praised by his wife Nancy and ultra-conservatives, groomed by Bechtel Corporation since 1950 and sold StarWars by Dick Cheney and Paul Nitze during the most scandal-ridden presidency in American history, daughter Patti, college students and flower children despised Reagan for supporting the Vietnam War and Contra death squads and felt the Reagan-Bush Administration was run by Nazis.

As it turns out, it was.

This historical novel documents the foreign policy, national security and monetary policies of the Reagan-Bush Administration were run by Nazis thru the life of character Reinhard Gehlen, Hitler’s chief of Foreign Armies East intelligence, whom Dulles hired to run and train CIA as Freikorps Nazi deathsquad torturers, terrorists and assassins who then trained the Contras ...that Gehlen was later handled by Bill Casey (Ronnie's campaign manager) then George Bush (Ronnie's vice president) to fight, exaggerate and invent the Cold War in order to capture the Russian Baku oil fields.

And, the unabridged edition goes on to document thar the City of London/Fed/CIA/Bank of England/MI-6/7 financed (and implied ongoing financing) of the Moslem Brotherhood (also known as Al Queda, Muhajadin, Hezbollah, Hamas and Arab Nazis) at the bequest of the private owners (the interlocking directorate) of the Fed/G8. The unabridged edition goes on to document how the Fed today, through the companies they direct and/or directed, such as Enron and all the major banks and oil companies, Halliburton, Bechtel, Brown & Root, Blackwater, continue to hire narcoterrorists to protect Fed & G8 directed oil pipelines and heroin and weapons trafficking markets. (Note, much of all the documentation mentioned above, is in the unabridged edition.)

Based on autobiographies of the Reagan family, Cabinet, and White House Staff, the book includes charts from: Staff Report, Committee on Banking, Currency & Housing, House of Representatives, 94th Congress, 2d session, Aug. 1976 -- Federal Reserve Directors, a Study of Corporate & Banking Influence. This series of charts documents the private owners of the Fed and the companies they direct, and the study in the unabridged edition has the conclusion of the House of Representatives, which states: "In summary, the Federal Reserve directors are apparently representatives of a small elite group that dominates much of the economic life of this nation."

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