A Story for My Darlings

by GEORGIE SHELLIS & Cover design or artwork by Vesna Jocic



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 10/31/2011

Format : E-Book
Dimensions : N/A
Page Count : 13
ISBN : 9781466901599

About the Book

This story is a moral tale which parents can read to their children. It is about a Frog who starts to think and change habits of a lifetime. It is meant to inspire children and get them thinking about the actions and words they use, and their influence on other people. It is a way of getting them to communicate with parents and open up their curiosity about life and others ways and morals.

About the Author

Georgie Shellis was born in Middlesex in the UK and grew up in Pinner with her parents. She would daydream about fictitious characters and animal friends as a child. Thus, she decided to play Peter Pan and not grow up, hence her writing children’s stories as an adult. She has quoted that she feels like a child but is trapped within a woman’s body. Georgina went on to become an herbalist in 1992 and treating people after obtaining a master’s herbalist qualification, along with an iridology qualification. Later in 2008, she qualified as an Emergency Medical Technician with Thames Ambulance Service and then worked for South East Coast Ambulance Service, although she left to teach first aid, which she is still doing at present in the uk. she is also a member of search and rescue. She has two daughters, for whom she originally wrote The Tale of Froggy Green Legs for, and the purpose was to read shorter stories at bedtime, as she would fall asleep before finishing longer ones. “It is a moral tale,” she says. “And I hope it inspires children to think about the effects words have on each of us.” It was on a visit to her dad’s barbershop in 2001 that she got chatting to a publisher and, on reading her story, told her to get it published. She is working on a second book at present (2011) called The Adventures of Baby Amelia, which is about her granddaughter at three years old and how Amelia sees the world from her perspective.