Страницы из дневника русского путепроходца

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Language : Other
Publication Date : 5/25/2012

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 360
ISBN : 9781466921948
Format : Hardcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 360
ISBN : 9781466921931
Format : E-Book
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Page Count : 360
ISBN : 9781466921924

About the Book

This book was inspired, prompted and written by travels and adventures of little-known Russian trailblazer Philip Efremov.

Born in 1752 in Russian town Vyatka, P.Efremov in 1774 was captured in remote Russian frontier fort by Kirghiz war party and sold to Bukhara into slavery. There, though first he endured a lot of trouble for refusing to convert into Islam, he was, nevertheless, for his bravery he was made “yuz-bashi” (centurion) and granted land and money.

But nostalgia made Philip flea from court of Khan of Bukhara and he made a huge trek through Khiva (Khoresm), Tibet, Kashmir, India. From Calcutta he sailed around Africa to Dublin and from there to London. When he finally reached Russia after nine years of wandering, he was received by Tsarina Catherine the Great, granted a warrant to the College of Foreign Affairs as a translator of Oriental languages.

His possible adventures on African continent are described in this book.  The author suggests that Philip Efremov on his way home was captured by Socotra pirates, sold into slavery and with his new master traveled around East Africa. After he escaped from slavery to Seychelles where he found treasure trove, he visited Madagascar, Mauritius, and Mozambique. From Mozambique he walked through Swaziland, Lesotho. He spent some time with Zulu and Boers who helped him to reach Cape Town by wagon trains.

About the Author

• Experienced professional educator and diplomat with a wide background in the field of providing positive input and leadership to individuals or groups in furthering affirmative actions • Wide range of training in the application of educational input in economics, community education, and development and historical precedents for consideration of group ideas or actions • Deep knowledge of group dynamics, combined with the ability to impart awareness of and an understanding of negotiating principles in dealing with organizational and personal relationships • Extensive background in the documentation and archiving of historical material • In 1962, entered service with MFA in the Russian government and retired in 2005 • Throughout diplomatic career, has alternative posting abroad for an average of four years for mission and then further work and research in Russia • Involved as a member or expert of posted state and other delegations to numerous countries of Africa and Asia • Participated or was responsible for arranging visits on different level from African and Asian countries to Moscow • Published in different magazines in Russia articles on problems of Non-Aligned Movement and African and Asian countries • Has written numerous insightful articles for TASS News Agency, Pravda, and Izvestia newspapers • Lectured on history, international relations, socioeconomic problems of African countries • Fluent in English, Russian, and Swahili, with knowledge of French, Portuguese, German, Spanish, and several other international languages • Assigned to Indonesia (1991–1995) to represent Russia in movement for non-aligned nations • Commissioned by government to write report on program developments in Asia and Africa