2/1 Game Force a Modern Approach - Third Edition

With New Chapters on Precision for Beginning and Intermediate Players

by Neil H. Timm



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Language : English
Publication Date : 7/2/2012

Format : E-Book
Dimensions : N/A
Page Count : 488
ISBN : 9781466943834

About the Book

The 2/1 Game Force bidding system is an improvement over the Standard American System that has been in effect and played by bridge players for many years. The advantage of the 2/1 system is that it allows the partnership to know that game is possible with only a single bid. In this book, I have tried to present the fundamental aspects of the bidding structure for playing a “pure” Two-Over-One Game Force system of bidding. This is not a book on conventions, it is a book about bridge that incorporates conventions that allow the partnership to reach game or slam. In this regard, I have incorporated modern methods for hand evaluation developed by Marty Bergen. New bidding conventions like SARS (Shape Asking Relays after Stayman), Quest transfers, and an overview of “Bridge Rules and Laws” that I hope will improve your approach to the bidding structure you may use today. In this second edition, I have included additional Bridge Rules, expanded and added material in several sections and included many more conventions common to the 2/1 Game Force System. This edition includes the Montreal club and diamond relay bids, the Kennedy club, the Kaplan interchange bid, the Ekren 2♦ convention, picture bids, the forcing pass, masked mini splinters, the Ingberman and Ping Pong conventions, and the Marvin two spades convention, among others. In the third edition, I have made corrections brought to my attention by several readers. The chapter on slam bidding has been expanded to include asking for aces and kings simultaneously, the Baron 4NT convention, and more. New material on Roman Jump overcalls, the Mc Cabe Adjunct and the Reverse Mc Cabe Adjunct, Bergen’s Jacoby 2NT bids, Meckwell major suit bids, and Meckwell responses to minor suit openings, more on interference over strong no trump, minor suit Stayman, Kokish Relays, and several other conventions have been added to this latest edition. Finally, new chapters on Transfer Precision, the Meckwell Precision (Meckwell Lite) Bids are also included in this issue. The Meckwell Lite material (chapter 18) was developed by a Luke Gillespie and Jim Streisand and is included in the book with their kind permission.

About the Author

Dr. Neil H. Timm is professor emeritus, retired from the University of Pittsburgh where he taught statistics for thirty-five years writing four textbook in multivariate analysis and two on linear models. He is also the author of Bridge News, available on his website (www.pitt.edu/~timm). He has developed several new bidding conventions called the Modified Scroll bids, the Montreal Relay Systems for Clubs and Diamonds, and the extended undercall club convention.