The Blood Stain

by Kayla N. Dempsey



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 3/29/2013

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5.5x8.5
Page Count : 390
ISBN : 9781466980488

About the Book

Ever since my best friend found out what I was, she has been too scared to get near me. No matter how much I try to explain to her. She just will not listen. No one will. I never meant for her to find out, it just, kind of, happened. She walked in on me right after I had attacked a squirrel and was sucking its blood. I turned and saw her standing there. I felt the warm blood running down my chin. She turned and ran. I don’t think she has told anyone. No one has asked me anything. I think she fears people will say she has gone crazy. That vampires are not real. But she saw me, she knows the truth. No one can change her mind. But I am not the type of vampire that attacks people. I just attack small animals. But I can’t deny that sometimes I am tempted, but I never attack. Most vampires do attack humans, but that’s the bad kind. Well anyway, there’s a new kid at school, his name is Ryan. He’s supposed to come to my school tomorrow, which is the first day for everyone else too. I just hope he isn’t one of the preppy kind of guys. I hate them. They think they’re so perfect and better than everyone else. I would love to teach them a lesson, but I don’t want everyone to know I am a vampire. Everyone believes the preps. No matter what they say. But still, it would be good for them to see how it feels to be on the other end of the food chain. Then maybe they’d cut out the stupid stuff they do, like embarrassing people for their entertainment. Anyway, as I was saying I hope this Ryan kid isn’t like that. Maybe he is a vampire too; maybe I will finally have someone who understands. I mean, I haven’t told anyone about my being a vampire, not even my parents. The only person that knows is Karla, my best friend I mentioned earlier, and that’s it. I don’t want anyone else to know, I never wanted Karla to know, but you can’t change what’s already happened, can you? Plus, maybe this happened for a reason; maybe Karla was supposed to know. Maybe she could help me. If she ever talked to me again. I mean, if she hadn't told anyone maybe she was trying to protect me, trying to make sure nobody else found out, like a true friend. She found out a couple months ago. I’m sure the shock must wear off sometime, I hope. Maybe, since tomorrow was the first day of school, she would talk to me again. She might have thought about it over the summer and realized I need her now more than ever. I would find out if Karla is still my friend and if this Ryan kid was what I hoped he was tomorrow. I had a weird feeling that I was right about the new kid being a vampire, and an even weirder feeling that I was going to like it. Or maybe the weird feeling was just a desire to have a friend who was exactly like me in every way. Someone who knows what it’s like to have this annoying thirst for blood that makes everyone who knows afraid to come too close. And everyone who knows doesn’t want to be friends with you anymore because they think you are a killer.

About the Author

Kayla Dempsey is seventeen years old and a senior at Jackson High School in Jackson, Ohio. She started writing when she was in the seventh grade at the age of twelve. She loves to read and write in her spare time and also participates in Drama Club (where she is in the International Thespian Society) and Symphonic/Marching Band at Jackson High School. Kayla is also involved in 4-H where she took Creative Writing as a project and realized that was what she wanted to do with her life. This is the first book of The Blood Stain Saga. Kayla lives in Jackson, Ohio with her parents.