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Language : English
Publication Date : 5/28/2013

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5x8
Page Count : 72
ISBN : 9781466992795

About the Book

The book brings forward the author’s personal attitudes to the analysis of the present difficult political, economic, and financial situation in the EU member states. It reveals the author’s prognoses of the necessity of system reforms, avoiding useless attempts to reanimate the obsolete political and financial structure of capitalism. In the author’s opinion, for objective reasons, modern capitalism is not able to solve problems of preservation of life-supporting financial institutions the European states and the West are facing today. The author thinks that Europe has to go over to a postcapitalistic way of development. This is the call of the times, the demand of the historical moment. Capitalism as a system of political and economic development has completed its historical mission, having brought Western countries to the highest level of economic and technical development, creation of the best welfare for the countries of Europe and the West (i.e., it has exhausted resources for progress). Principally, new empires should have been built ten years ago (i.e., it was time for imperialism). However, today it is impossible for objective reasons. Countries like China, Russia, former USSR republics, and part of the third world will develop according to the capitalistic way of development, taking into consideration a mass of mistake the West has made. They have a huge amount of resources for a capitalistic way of development. What will happen to Europe in the future? Prof. Rafig Y. Aliyev has specific proposals about that worthy of attention and discussion. However, the delay of important decisions on the very political and financial system may turn into a tragedy for many nations, including the EU member states. The book is meant for a wide circle of readers.

About the Author

Rafig Aliyev (doctor of philosophy, professor, founder of IRSHAD Center on Islamic Studies since 1990) was born in Agdam region of Azerbaijan in 1947. Worked as head of department, deputy director on foreign relations at the Institute on Oriental Studies, director of the Center for Islamic Researches in the Caucasus of the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences. From June 21, 2001, to June 26, 2006, he headed the State Committee of the Republic of Azerbaijan for the Work with Religious Associations. Since June 27, 2006, R. Aliyev has worked as director of the Center on Islamic Studies. He is member of World Peace Academy of Professors, international interreligious committee. Author of 17 books and more than 250 scientific articles. Married and has two children.