Best Paw Forward

by Jack Griner



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 5/21/2013

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 8.5x11
Page Count : 24
ISBN : 9781466994775

About the Book

A dog knows the importance of pleasing his master. He will wiggle his way into your heart. He never bites the hand that feeds him, Is loyal to a fault, makes you laugh, then cry with him if he gets hurt. Everyone needs a dog; they can complete a void in your life. We hope after reading this book you will see the need of a dog. Then allow a dog to enter your life. Jack Griner, Author

About the Author

The author, Jack Griner grew up in a little town in Iowa. He went to war for four years, fighting all over the Pacific. He received two commendations and a Purple Heart for his efforts. On his return, he went to a church beach party, where he saw the cutest little thing he had ever seen, in an old fashion bathing suit. Some time later, after much persuading, he married her. She was a Sunday School teacher and was skillful in taming him down. They were extremely happy for 59 years, when cancer took her. That was another turning point in his life. She had talked him into writing a children's poetry book. They hadn't been fortunate enough to have any children. In any event, he had to keep his mind active to compensate for his great loss, so he continued writing. There are 15 books in print. The author has been accepted and recognized in the International Library of Poets, The International Society of Poets, received Trophies for outstanding work, and he has donated books to several city libraries. One enjoyment has been reading to children at the Children's Museum, the YMCA, Churches, the Salvation Army Christmas party, and even at the kids group at Starbucks. He got a free cup of coffee for that. Time is catching up, so this will be his last book, however short poems will always come forth.