Neurophilosophy of Consciousness, Vol. VI

The Evolution of Complexity in 4-d Space Time

by Dr. Angell O. de la Sierra ESQ.



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Language : English
Publication Date : 5/23/2013

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Page Count : 70
ISBN : 9781466993419
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ISBN : 9781466993426

About the Book

Anyone who has ever enjoyed the honor to lecture a graduate school audience will tell you that simplicity in delivery as a goal is a worthwhile pragmatic and theoretical virtue if and only the expected and appropriate cognitive content are aimed at the student and not for self indulgence, independent of the corresponding level of complexity to be communicated. There is a tacit presumption that ‘selling/marketing’ an idea by a professor implies there must be a ‘buyer’ student purchase for a pedagogical transaction to be completed. Unless, of course, the professor, consciously knowing (or not) is engaged in a self-serving soliloquy assuming as primitive, ‘self-evident’ complex propositions and often expressed as either inspired on a radical conceptual theosophy or based on a radical empirical, probable/statistical scientific lab result as characterized by extremist pronouncements. Yet, the very complex and changing nature of the object/event, in its dynamic evolutionary progression in our Minkowsky 4-d space time existential reality, opts to reveal its complexity to human audiences in the form of the simplest possible model-poems solution that are compatible with the student’s undeveloped brain dynamics’ phenomenology and combinatorial limitations, as amply detailed in our other publications. We now expand further on the justifications for our general poem on the evolution of complexity as discussed under “The Immanent Invariant and the Transcendental Transforming Horizons.” We need to harmonize integrative the exotic idealistic speculations and conjectures of conceptual models with the empirical/pragmatic measurements coming out of the lab. See Ch. 12, “Nurophilosophy of Consciousness.”, Vol. IV and Vol. V.

About the Author

After so many years of laboring within the confined university walls of academe, retirement becomes both a threat and a challenge. Never before did you have the time to follow up on the few occasions serendipitous enlightenments flashed across your path. Tenure and cost-efficient, pragmatic considerations always kept you away. But there is no excuse now. Is it worth it? I would like to invite all those studious of the mind/brain interface puzzle to share our insights. What follows represents an ongoing series of reflections on the ontology of consciousness based on some intuitions on life, language acquisition, and survival strategies to accommodate the biological, psychic, and social imperatives of human life in its ecological niche, thus the BPS model. For the latest publication, click on BPS Model.