Torn 2: Passion, Pain & Promise

Will Melissa's Pain Gain Her Anything?

by Ella Johnson



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 3/8/2016

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 488
ISBN : 9781490761510
Format : Hardcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 488
ISBN : 9781490761534
Format : E-Book
Dimensions : N/A
Page Count : 488
ISBN : 9781490761527

About the Book

Ella's bestselling work, The Torn Series, is a collection of books about the life of Melissa Williams. Throughout the series, you'll feel as if you're walking right alongside Melissa through her life's journey. You'll need to buckle up because the Torn Series takes you on an emotional roller coaster ride. Not only will you cry through her struggles, but you'll also celebrate in her triumphs. Throughout the Torn Series, you'll see Melissa make some good and not-so-good decisions in her life. Despite all that the hardship she's experienced, it seems as if Melissa is constantly caught in the middle of one crisis after the next. Torn 2: Passion, Pain & Promise is Ella's recollection of events that take place years after Melissa and Kalin's day in court. Over the years, Patrick has struggled with his feelings for Melissa, but after all this time, something surprisingly happens that forces him to turn up the heat in Miami. Melissa's faith continues to be tested to the extent that she has to make some critical decisions that could possibly end in destruction for her and her entire family. Although some of the children are away from home and seemingly doing well, Sharelle, Amber, Princess, and Justice are still at home, but will they be able to adjust to the new changes? In Torn 2: Passion, Pain & Promise, you’ll be scratching your head until you find out who sends Melissa over the edge. Will she recover this time? Unfortunately, there may not ever be a next time. Across town, Stevie returns to Miami for his first time sold-out comedy event, but what was meant to be an enjoyable event turns out to be a nightmare when Melissa's darkest secret is revealed. What is it that sends him back to California with a broken heart? It's always been said that where there's no pain, there's no gain, but does Melissa's pain gain her anything?

About the Author

Ella Johnson, native of Monroeville, AL, has acquired a great passion for writing, one that has moved millions of people across the world. Her passion for inspiring others is birthed from the burdens she’s had to carry in her own life. Being the owner of both Mahogany Motivations LLC and Women at Work, Ella still finds time to participate in activities that meets the needs of those less fortunate. At the tender age of eight years old, Ella began public speaking, which has graduated into motivational speaking. Ella’s talents for broadcasting are also displayed on her Blog Talk Radio Show, The Mahogany Bronze Hour. Her most meaningful contribution in society is through her nonprofit company, Women at Work, where they have become known for Feeding 100 Families in her hometown of Monroeville, AL. To purchase the entire Torn Series, go to www.torn-the If you would like to receive regular updates about appearances, book signings, or any motivational speaking engagements, please follow us at