Marked Bibles

A Manual For Humanity

by Joyce Herron



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Language : English
Publication Date : 8/21/2013

Format : E-Book
Dimensions : N/A
Page Count : 478
ISBN : 9781490711621
Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5x8
Page Count : 478
ISBN : 9781490711638

About the Book

MARKED BIBLES - A Manual for Humanity A friend confessed she always wanted to read the entire Bible, at least once before she died. When asked what was stopping her, she replied "I've tried but it's too confusing. I get too lost in all the words and give up." This book was written in honor of all who feel the same way. Do you lack direction in life? Do you wish life came with a manual of instructions? Are you questioning your own existence and purpose in life? Would you accept a Lifetime Guarantee on your soul, at no cost? GOD IS TALKING -- ARE YOU LISTENING? How does God communicate with humanity? 1. God speaks to us through the written words of scripture. (2 Timothy 3:16) 2. God speaks to us in our dreams. (Numbers 12:6...8) 3. God gives us visions while fully awake. (Acts 11:5) 4. God sends angels with messages and instructions. (Matthew 1:20) 5. God speaks to us through nature and the miracles within it. (Habakkuk 3:3...5) 6. God reveals himself through poetry, song, family and friendships. (Personal experience) Words vary between Bibles, but the essence of God’s truth, is always found. God's Truth forever remains under the protection of the Holy Spirit Joyce is a first time author of a Christian related book: “Marked Bibles” containing “Treasures” discovered during sixty five years of Bible study and organized into a “Manual for Humanity.”

About the Author

MARKED BIBLES A Manual for Humanity / Written by: Joyce Ann Herron Background of Author: She was born in 1939 in Akron, Ohio and raised in Barberton, Ohio. The youngest child of five, with two brothers and two sisters. Prefers living in the county, or at least in small towns. She has lived in Ohio, North Carolina, Arizona, Oregon, California, and Colorado. Most of her past forty five years have been spent in the Tucson, Arizona area. She has been an avid reader, of various Bible Versions since the age of nine. Former developer / writer of State Authorized Health Care Instructional Materials for Managers & Assisted Living Care staff. She is a first time author, of a Christian Living related book: Marked Bibles, a Manual for Humanity, sharing with you , the "Hidden Treasures and Pearls of Wisdom", discovered, during her sixty five year search of the Holy Scriptures. She hopes her writings will encourage you, to search the Scriptures, for yourself, and find your own, unique treasures of God's wisdom. Education: Barberton High School, Barberton, Ohio LPN training, Akron, Ohio R.N. training, Pima, College, Tucson, Arizona Management training, University of Phoenix Employment: 21 years at St Joseph's Hospital, Tucson AZ (LPN - RN- Manager of Eye Surgery Unit) 8 years Visiting Nurse, Home Care Services 2 years RN Case Manager, Home Care Services 10 years CEO/ RN/ Manager, Carivaca Adult Care Home/ Retired 2011 Family: Married 1957- Widowed 1958, one son Married 1959- Widowed 1998, three sons, one daughter Children: Four of five remain alive, with families of their own. Grand Children- Seven living, five boys and two girls. Great Grand Children- Two boys, one deceased in infancy. Current Interests/ Hobbies: Family, Travel, Writing, Ancestry Research, Gardening, Sewing, Knitting, Crochet. Former Community Volunteer Involvement: Arivaca AZ Clinic Board, Board Member 4 years Arivaca AZ Volunteer Fire Department, Board Member / Treasurer 4 years Arivaca AZ Homemakers Association Member& Fund raising 4 years Green Valley AZ United Community Health Care, Board Member 4 years Carivaca Estates, Inc. Board Member, Secretary/Treasurer & Fund raising 10 years Former Church Responsibilities: Deaconess 15 years Choir Member 5 years Bible School Secretary 5 years Vacation Bible School Assistant 15 years