The Sleep Dwarf

by Efrat Buchner & Illustrated by Justin Olsen



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 2/25/2018

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 8.5x11
Page Count : 28
ISBN : 9781490787572
Format : E-Book
Dimensions : N/A
Page Count : 28
ISBN : 9781490787701

About the Book

Bedtime routine has never been easier with Sleep Dwarf and his magical kiss which grows kids taller or make them cleverer!
This book version makes a great gift for kids ages 1-5 and it is also possible to add a photo and a personal dedication from the author and also have the version with the media described below (narration + words highlighting, music) by emailing the author ( and get it at a special price. The eBook version with media is sold only in and Apple iTunes).

The story is about a tiny sweet dwarf who lives far away and ‎has ‎a ‎magical ‎kiss for children: ‎

"A kiss on the forehead makes you so, so clever, ‎
‎ You'll stay that way for ever and ever,‎
‎ While with a single tender kiss on the toe,‎
‎ Well, wait and see, you'll grow and grow.‎"

And in order to receive that magical kiss, children need to ‎eat ‎fruit ‎and ‎veggies, brush their teeth and go to bed on time!‎

Your kids can read the story with you or listen to ‎Jennie, ‎the ‎narrator (in case you ‎are busy), and practice their reading ‎skills. ‎Hopefully, ‎the lovely and relaxing music at the ‎end will help them fall ‎asleep ‎and enter ‎the world of sweet dreams.‎

After reading the book, your child will be looking forward ‎to ‎Sleep ‎Dwarf ‎visiting and will cooperate happily with the bedtime routine ‎‎– ‎which ‎means ‎eating (or adding) healthier foods, brush their teeth and go ‎to ‎bed ‎when you ‎tell them to (tiny Sleep Dwarf only visits when children ‎are ‎asleep ‎and he has a pretty busy schedule each night).‎

These are the benefits of reading The Sleep Dwarf and why it makes such a great gift for kids:

‎1. Rhymes. Benefits: help to improve reading skills by developing phonemic, rhythm, word families awareness and are easy to memorize and therefore encourage kids to join the reading.
Rhymes are fun!

‎2. Professional Narration. Benefits: appropriate for sight-impaired or kids that haven't acquired reading skills yet.
‎ ‎
‎3. Highlighted phrases (accompanies narration). Benefits: great for practice reading in a fun and easy way (Narration and highlighting features can be disabled)

‎4. Beautiful illustrations made by Justin Reese Olsen. Benefits: develop kids imagination, creativity and vocabulary

‎5. Six minutes of relaxing music at the end. Benefits: helps the child to fall asleep calmly and easily

‎6. Educational. Benefits: assists kids to cooperate happily with their bedtime routine and in ‎acquiring good and healthy habits
‎ ‎
‎7. Length - not too long, not too short (about 28 pages, half of them pictures). Benefit: Appropriate for young ages known for their short attention and patience span

‎8. Low price.‎‏ ‏Benefits: affordable price and a small investment that pays off in many areas and for the long term

‎9. Automatic page flip. Benefit: good for hands-free experience and young kids ‎(this feature can be disabled)

*For complete experience read the eBook in the following free applications that support ePub3 fixed-layout format:

For Apple: iBooks (built-in app) - the eBook is also sold in their book store

For Android: Kobo Rakuten (in Play Store)

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About the Author

This rhyming story was made up by a stay-at-‎home ‎mom ‎who ‎wanted her two little girls ‎to cooperate with their ‎bedtime ‎routine: eat healthier, brush their teeth and go to bed on time, ‎and actually it worked wonderfully and till now the girls keep the healthy habits and eat plenty of ‎fruits and vegetable. Now the story ‎can ‎assist ‎other ‎parents with their children in an easy and fun ‎way.‎