Trickle Down for Dummies

by Ronald Regain & Illustrated by Rob Birt



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 2/26/2016

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 8.5x11
Page Count : 178
ISBN : 9781490767277

About the Book

Did ancient Egyptian Kings allow their wealth to Trickle Down to the slaves pulling the granite boulders to the pyramids ? Are you part of the upper one tenth of one percent who got ten times richer since Ronald Reagan? While outsourcing over five million good paying manufacturing jobs to China? Do you think you can amass enough wealth with Hard Work to compete politically with the inherited wealth of Donald Trump and friends? A slew of leading economic warnings including “Saving Capitalism” by Robert Reich are warning of the end of the Middle Class in America. Billion dollar firms buy our entire government.Half our college grads work as clerks. Are we a nation of sheep?

About the Author

Until age 39 Rick raised a family on Long Island and sold IBM computers and managed a software firm. After graduating from Nova Law School at age 41, Rick started a career in patent law and ran for US Congress in South Florida for the G.O.P. as “the idea man.” While writing over 1000 issued patents including his own Star Wars U.S. Pat No. 8,757,552, Rick studied piles of economics books .Rick’s conclusion at age 71 is that Western Capitalism is a failed political system, one that is headed for a revolt like that of the French and American revolutions against Aristocratic Dictatorships.Rick and his artist,Rob Birt, have created a cartoon illustrated rise and fall of the American Dream. The final chapter is written on Mars in the year 2065, after America loses World War Three to China.