The Quantum Impulse and the Space-Time Matrix

The Power of the Hydrogen Process and the Pyramid

by Zoltan J Kiss



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Language : English
Publication Date : 7/8/2015

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 8.25x11
Page Count : 216
ISBN : 9781490761923
Format : E-Book
Dimensions : N/A
Page Count : 216
ISBN : 9781490761930

About the Book

The Quantum Impulse and the Space-Time Matrix is Zoltan J Kiss fifth book in a row proposing a different scientific way of viewing the world, namely, that the world is based on events. Elements and elementary components are processes. This is the only way the definition of time has its sense at all levels of the elementary evolution from the plasma to the Hydrogen process. The quantum impulse of infinite low intensity (the energy quantum) is the entropy product of the elementary cycle. It is the building stone of the quantum system of the space-time. Quantum impulses transfer quantum impacts, signals, light and all quantum information in any direction by the speed of quantum communication. Whatever the impacting signal is, the energy quantum remains as it was before – infinitely small, never expiring quantum impulse without change. The space-time is about the speed and the intensity of the quantum communication. The space-time matrix is the complexity of space-times with the infinite large variety of the speed of quantum communication. Anti-processes control the elementary balance of the elementary processes and ensure the continuity of the elementary evolution. The surplus of the anti-electron processes is the source of the quantum impact of gravitation. Gravitation is the sphere symmetrical expanding acceleration of the Earth, our quantum treasure. With these new insights, this book provides the theoretical proofs and the practical evidence for immediate large scale experiments with the Hydrogen process and the Pyramid construction to solve the world’s energy problems, using Nature’s gifts of gravitation and elementary processes.

About the Author

Zoltan J. Kiss, the author, is a energy engineer with twenty-five years nuclear power plant operation experience, dealing with quantum energy research for the last fifteen years. The results of the quantum research have been summarized in the previous four books: 1. The Energy Balance of Relativity 2. Quantum Energy and Mass Balance 3. Quantum Engine 4. Gravitation: Our Quantum Treasure The uniqueness of the research is the new way of the approach: world is based on events.