Can My Life Change

by Optimum Vizhan



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 9/8/2016

Format : E-Book
Dimensions : N/A
Page Count : 574
ISBN : 9781490776828
Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5x8
Page Count : 574
ISBN : 9781490776835

About the Book

Can My Life Change compassionately identifies my justifiable “bad” routines and counters them with “good” routines in over 365 Plus Routine Life Changing Inspirationals. Routines are like double edged swords. One side of the blade helps me cut through my distractions, so I can obtain my goals. While the other side hypnotizes me into believing my deliverance comes from a routine. Ironically, the true end results of all routines make me complacent and further away from obtaining my desires. The key to Can My Life Change is in mastering how I can break my routine self induced trances. I start by clearing my mind with any of the 365 Plus Inspirationals. Then practice derailing any of my current routines that I’m addicted to. It could be doing an unplanned fast to break a feeding routine, eating a new food group to change a nutritional routine, choosing an unfamiliar subject to change a study routine, moving the furniture around in a room to change a view routine, changing a job status to change a work routine, getting married to change a life style routine, having a child to change a relationship routine, and or a million other things. I keep practicing derailing “hypnotic” routines until it becomes a natural harmonious spontaneity for me and my loved ones. Remember God is everywhere. He is never limited to a specific routine to produce a certain blessing or miracle. He creates life out of anything, anytime and anywhere for anyone unconditionally. And we’re made in His/that likeness. In my moments of doubt, I reach out into believing God Can Change My Life; even though I have no clue how He will. I can ask Him to give me the faith and the will to believe, My Life Can Change!

About the Author

I think of myself as being a common person who blends in real well in the economic hardship of the local community. Even though we didn’t have much growing up, we were real fortunate to have parents that allowed us to have a blast while growing up as kids. My childhood becomes the backdrop of having an A–Z imagination. I love to write on a number of subjects, but I’m just getting started in publishing and marketing published books. This book, The President’s Apocalypse Prophecy, is a first leap at trying to market how to recognize defining past and future historical moments while relating to readers in the present.