Zero Dynasty

The Behavioral Correctiveness in Children Versus Western Biblical Principals of the Sparing of the Rod Syndrome

by Aneb Jah Rasta Sensas-Utcha Nefer I



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Language : English
Publication Date : 5/10/2018

Format : E-Book
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Page Count : 48
ISBN : 9781490788906
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Dimensions : 6x9
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ISBN : 9781490788777

About the Book

Zero Dynasty (ancient Egypt) is based on the structural elements that appeared within certain ages of the spiritual. However, it has flaws. The flaws will be mentioned in future books whereas they have never been recognized or mentioned by scholars of all generations and racial lines as this has created and induced more racial barriers among ignorant spiritual organizations and populations today. You see, individuals are starving for information; however, not wisdom. We are within a culture that has been stimulated by negative forms of institutionalized forms of behavioral shaping patterns into whipping the blind by blindsiding them with hearsays of schemes as they pertain to the truths regarding transgenic organisms of humanity. They, too, have been and are currently inducing deficiencies unto the meek and the lowly. They are inducing their Ka region. This particular region ignites and triggers one’s need of desire, intellectuality, and emotional states of being. This is through the programming of their spirit(s) of wholeness. In wholeness, you resurrect from your slumber of facing brutalities due to the means of mental and physical slavery that have been induced upon you by your shepherds, for this is written in Jeremiah 23. Finally, the chains of physiological and neurocognitive struggle have been placed upon every spiritual being on the universe by searching within ourselves regarding the instruction that we are under. These molecular stimulants must be wholeheartedly comprehended by every one of all generations. Therefore, we must recognize that the form of creation has a linkage and underlying cause, whether it is a terminal illness or the integrity of those who are illusion and delusion. This delusion leads to passions of fear, anger, hatred, pride, greed, lust, and forms of destabilization among all, with individuals having or gaining various levels of poverty regarding the nature of their purpose of existence. Their existence! This book is under the ownership of God—Divinity and the Tejauma Na Nia Corp.

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