The First Mythology

by Alfred Sylvester Jr.



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Language : English
Publication Date : 9/17/2019

Format : E-Book
Dimensions : N/A
Page Count : 242
ISBN : 9781490797014
Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 8.5x11
Page Count : 242
ISBN : 9781490797021

About the Book

For over 35 years I have searched books and the past trying to solve Alchemy! The magic of the Philosophers Stone. Turn lead to gold! A cure all medicine! The fountain of youth! Was it just wishful thinking, or is there a basis of fact? I soon learned the subject had lasted as a rumor, mythology, or perhaps just as an idea. Something I believed had to be there, something was overlooked. Now, it seems that the something had not been overlooked, instead was hidden from the masses for many reasons. That something will astound you, will surprise you yet you will know it is truth. Who would have thought that Genesis was really about the yearly cycle? That the process of making the stone is really about the understanding of the creation. Also that the stone is about how nature can and does handle matter. Now with art (man and nature), I found more can be done with matter and so perfect it. You will see that matter handled correctly is purified over time and within shape. That shape is a glass pyramid oven. You may know of it as 'the firmament.' This is the magic, and produces a substance that convinced man of God! You will see that this power of generation is the God of early man, and finding the purified matter led to several things. First the process of Genesis, though I am not sure what it originally was called. That process led to astrology, and the naming and defined understanding of those constellations passing overhead. Finally it led to a religion, which was that of Isis and Osiris. When understood you will see that those are the religions of today, and little has changed. You will then know why all of this was hidden from you! Lastly you will know the All and want to make this substance. You will understand that you're a part of, and maintained by this system. That we need to maintain it before we cause it to destroys us! This is then Alchemy understood, the enchanting power of transformation.

About the Author

Professor, a nickname some of my friends called me when growing up. I had it seems the ability to fix and understand things. Though I never knew him, it was something I received from my father. My mother gave me patience! She could set for days or weeks making anything out of yarn! My friend, one of them I called 'pick and shovel Joe' taught me to work. I found then there was little a man couldn't do if he was willing to work for it. Older friends, even today when they open their mouths, I listen. I joined the Navy right after high school. My gct/ari (entrance exams) came out at 137! I did well enough to go to Nuclear power, and so I did and ended up in submarines. Over 500 days underwater, 8 patrols! I learned many things there, one was that I never wanted to spend time incarcerated! Actually, it was a great place to learn. Cross rate training means you learn in depth each mans job! Just to keep busy, anything and everything was fair game to be tested on. I made things there by hand, and found I liked puzzles. When you have all the time in the world, hard puzzles become a welcome thing. After leaving the Navy, a friend introduced me to the greatest puzzle, alchemy. The alchemists said that in a century, perhaps one or two men would solve this puzzle! I now believe them. If I have solved it, still in some ways remains to be seen! I can remember saying, "I am not going to spend my Life doing this." but in fact I did! Alchemy is alive and doing well. My forum which is to work with this book (web address included), is doing well. People all over the world are learning this understanding. All questions have answers, and this work brings out many of them! This was the greatest puzzle of my life! It is though time for man to move on, and this knowledge just may make it all a little easier. It is a gift of the past, it is your heritage, treasure it!