or Symphony of the Ocean

by Kate Valery



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 12/27/2020

Format : Hardcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 576
ISBN : 9781698704180
Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 576
ISBN : 9781698704166
Format : E-Book
Dimensions : N/A
Page Count : 576
ISBN : 9781698704173

About the Book

The novel Midget ( Symphony of the Ocean ) is touching some of the most important modern topics – the places of handicapped and mentally ill people in today’s society. It contains ever-living values and ideas of good and evil, talent and mediocrity, love and hatred, purity and foul, honesty and lies, willpower and weakness, hypocrisy and truth, punishment and crime. The genius composer, Jim Bogat, is a midget severely handicapped from birth. After death of his adoptive mother, he ends up accidentally in a group home for mentally ill people. Being the only one person in the house who is in his right mind, he started noticing very strange things that are going on around. The owner of the group home, Mona Lainer, uses a compulsion to pull naive and inexperienced Jim into a sexual relationship, trying to prevent his ‘investigative mind’ from discovering her dangerous secrets. Noticing Jim’s super talent in composing music, Mona is stealing page-by-page the main creature of his life – Symphony of the Ocean, scheming to present her daughter as a genius composer and make her rich and famous. However, those are only the smallest of the crimes and abuses which are happening with all the residents of the group home. There is hidden much more... The young Ukrainian immigrant, Lada, the sister of a symphony orchestra conductor, got involved in Jim’s investigation and also in his almost impossible task – to find his birth parents. The tragic story of a famous rock stars family appeared on the way of Jim and Lada and unexpectedly helps them to organize the concert of Jim’s dreams and to perform his symphony. But will they survive the green-eyed jealous Monster, following on their steps? What’s happening with the group home mentally challenged residents – in the forest, 100 km away from the city while in the concert hall Jim’s symphony is playing? Will they survive unexpected horrible disaster? Or will the world collapse for Jim and Lada in the hour of the triumphal performance of his Symphony of the Ocean?

About the Author

Kate Valery is a professional musician, who was graduated from the Moscow Conservatory of Music named after Tchaikovsky in Russia. Working at the International Moscow Radio as a journalist, editor and correspondent, she authored several books in Russian. In 1996, Kate Valery immigrated to Canada and worked here for many years as a pianist and music teacher, and also as editor of the numerous Russian newspapers in Edmonton, AB. She authored 5 books in English ( Stolen and Deadly Paradise – 2007, Curse of Russia – 2009, Love Triangle - 2010 and Love with a Ghost - 2011) before returning to the music subject in her 6th novel - Midget (Symphony of the Ocean). Now Kate Valery is residing in White Rock, BC, Canada and working on her 7th novel Clay Mask.