The Fool’s Tarot, volume 2: Extensions and Interactions— a Starting Point of Practice

by Gerald-Johan Vanoise



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 5/21/2023

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 8.25x11
Page Count : 360
ISBN : 9781698714639
Format : E-Book
Dimensions : N/A
Page Count : 360
ISBN : 9781698714646

About the Book

The second book of my trilogy is called “The Changeling of Seasons”, and is considered ‘the Book of Formation(s)’. It further develops the abstract patterns of the Tarot decks (of book 1) in comparison to the Elements and puts them into perspective to even larger contexts, with the year’s cycle at its core. It describes the logic behind different interpretations of colours. It describes the dependency to seasonal changes. It describes the abstract patterns of astrological signs. It puts the personal experience into the perspective of phases of evolutions as seen from a group perspective and it slowly introduced already some examples of the meaning of Words of importance. The book slowly gets you into a creational experience via comparison and context. The focus of the second book reveals its associations via the context of revelation and divination. The book accidentally has very fitting, exactly 365 pages, just like the days of the year.

About the Author

When I was a kid, I wanted to become an Egyptologist or an artist, like some members of my family did for some generations. Where De Lubicz or Gerald Massey investigated Egypt’s soul and nature, my own interest in its spirituality and words of importance are something that will be explored further in the next two volumes. In looking for an order in patterns, just like Goethe explored colours before discovering its underlying system, I have discovered inconsistencies in the existing colour circle theories compared to what happens in different realities or contexts. It seems that also these variations showed a rhythmical order. My own theory about colours is based upon a not-included mandala of 7 colour circles that I made in my teens. Then we also have the subject of astrology, which will be seen differently as a rhythm of formation that in that aspect affects us rather than planets or star clusters really do. Like Ouspensky once described the 5th dimension as everchanging forms, this book will reveal such patterns that via the Elements, like a series of ever changing and developing variations of forms. My largest and at the same time earliest discovery so far still is a system that reveals the hidden meanings behind the combinations of vowels and consonants. At the age of 6, I taught some reading of letters on my own by looking at some examples of images that presented these letters in the primary school class room of my father. This already made me understand letters differently compared to other kids. Only 12 years later, after reading the theosophical society founder Mme.Blavatsky, who said that vowels and consonants have meanings, I decided to develop my first sense for synaesthesia to such a degree of perfection that it also could truly reveal this underlying logic. I realized how there truly exist a self-relying logical system behind letters and words that makes us choose the right words that fit perfectly with the actual things we want to express. This book already touches that theory without revealing its complete nature. It rather follows its patterns the same way as it does with all other subjects in this book. Instead of falling back on any theory, in this book, like PANTA RHEI, everything flows, evolves, moves, and changes. You can sense this being as something religious or mysterious. Rather than losing control in rationality, it connects everything that is encountered and exists and is noticed as an inner being that is revealing itself in its own nature. We, ourselves are part of all change, and could connect to this making us follow and be part of it like a changeling of the seasons. At every stage, all looks different. More important than coming to just one fixed definition, it is more important to follow carefully all of its patterns, and connect to it. In all of its movement also the body moves, directs, and follows its own patterns that can lead to further, very simple opening up movements. I will make a comparison to praying and to martial arts movements, but again without falling back on a real method as this book is especially meant just to make the connection. This is the second book of preparation before the main volume that will explain of what it truly is that further connects all forms and sound in a meaningful way, but at that stage as a new foundation. This volume will emphasize the instinctive nature of form and formation.