by K. L. Stubblefield



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Language : English
Publication Date : 11/16/2023

Format : E-Book
Dimensions : N/A
Page Count : 412
ISBN : 9781698715582
Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 412
ISBN : 9781698715575

About the Book

Staying Human Within this writing we discuss America’s and particularly Black America’s slide into decadence, depravity, and despair and how this will lead to its subjugation to the coming tyranny of Artificial intelligence. If we look with an open mind we can see how technology has already led to the breaking down of morality and open rebellion against Godly principles that while not totally adhered to by this nation, has been a hedge against all out wickedness. Our attempt to at least guide our behavior with the precepts of holiness and godliness has allowed the American nation to receive blessings of wealth and freedom from the Most high. That is now changing and God is slowly removing his protection from our nation.. America's power and influence whether for good or evil was given to us by God. It is He who sets up nations, and it is He who brings about their fall. What is happening to the United States today has happened before with many other kingdoms. There is no new thing under the sun. Nor was there any respect of persons given from The Most High. This nation will and is currently feeling the pains of all the other nations that has fallen before it. And just like all the other kingdoms that fell such as Rome, Greece, Egypt, and Babylon , America's blind adherence to self promotion, and narcissistic hubris has blurred her vision of her plight. America is now a weak nation, a nation that is living on so called past greatness. Militarily America relies on enormous deficit spending on technology and advanced weaponry in order to maintain its power and influence worldwide. Yet when engaged in actual combat with weaker nations America still suffers a bloody nose and a black eye. Vietnam , Somalia, Iraq, and Afghanistan, are modern examples of America's inability to win wars outright. These wars and excursions drain the coffers of this nation and force it into deficit spending in order to maintain the false illusion of wealth and power. The scepter has been removed from America’s hand. The royal diadem no longer sits above her brow. Yet she does not perceive its removal. The once so called democratic form of government in America has now morphed into a technocratic corporate oligarchy. The gap between rich and poor is now wider here than in any industrialized nation in the world. This leads to those in power creating a culture to maintain their wealth and prevent uprising from the masses. This will lead to the use of technological advances,such as A.I. in order to quell any potential rebellions. America, your once proud land has become a nation of fornicators , whiners, complainers, abusers, murderers, and politically corrupt parasites. America’s plight can be summed up in one Phrase. ICHABOD : THE GLORY OF THE LORD HAS DEPARTED.

About the Author

KELVIN STUBBLEFIELD IS A GRADUATE OF MIDDLE TENNESSEE STATE UNIVESITY IN 1983 HE IS THE AUTHOR OF AMERICAN REPROBATE : GOD'S CURSE AND RESTORATION OF THE AFRICAN AMERICAN. THAT WAS PUBLISHED IN 2012. HE AND HIS WIFE SANDRIA CO-FOUNDED BIGSTUBCREATIONS IN 2018. We are a vehicle for creativity! Our mission is to encourage individuals to utilize their artistic expression through the performing arts. THIS IS HIS SECOND PUBLICATION STAYING HUMAN : A Biblical, Spiritual, and Social Analysis and Solutions to Black Americans and Mainstream AMERICANS Dysgenics, Narcissistic Self Indulgence, and the Current Politics of Self Annihilation. Amidst the dawning of Artificial Generatelligence and Trans-Humanity.