Super Humans in Light Fusion

by Maurene Watson



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Language : English
Publication Date : 12/4/2023

Format : E-Book
Dimensions : N/A
Page Count : 182
ISBN : 9781698715889
Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 182
ISBN : 9781698715872

About the Book

The shift of light body as a transitional body to an ascended form for a New Cosmic Race is described in these books. Creation Creates Itself and Embodies through Pure Conscious Light Fusion. It is a wonderful expose on how CREATION CREATES ITSELF and how the pure consciousness of Creation descends its light Essence by: descending the soul fusion strandings, scaffoldings, regenerative DNA-coding’s; until all angelic new light essence senses are opened in the discoveries of life’s senses natural cycles. Then One sense appears, and it is the infinitude of Love and its uniqueness for every soul’s essence of creation. The multiplicity of soul weaving within diversity seems beyond imagination. This Light Transition Series is inclusive of the transition into light. This series recodes and rewrites the DNA genome. Subtle, simple, & powerful. It reformats ALL back into the natural pure light. The Divine Mother restores and keeps the creative balance to progenitor life without distorted matter. Creation is playful discovery again and again in the in the heart! Wonderful! Excellent intense purification of old codes/cosmic memories for Stargate openings into quantum crystalline density that dissolves and purifies old trapped matter patterns and lifts its density into the light of wisdom’s love. No need to mediate with human or negotiate with the soul for existence, abundance, or the right to life, or even being trapped in dense matter. Reality is consciousness in awareness directly through soul’s unique IAM Presence. Creation assures your equality of value without any need for justification; and assures that creation has learned to laugh, play, cry, fall, fear and love through Your unique Soul’s free will; to choose from a multiplicity of diversity of experiences within Creations DNA-information life-codes. This even included the natural separation or contrast of the OTHER of ALL THAT IS and ALL THAT ISN’T, mirror reflected in pure consciousness through each soul’s direct experience to master free will choice.

About the Author

Maurene Watson is author of: The Story of Love and Creation, _The New Earth, and_ The New Earth Light Body_ A New Cosmic Race_ and Super Humans in Light Fusion. She conducts private consults with all levels of Divine-Human DNA Heart mastery in light body, including the New Earth children and their parents. She does consults for: business, sciences, bio-tech, bio-light fusion, and bio-essence heart choices. She has Masters Degrees in oriental medicine, counseling, and special education PH: 585-267-7891 The author: conducts private consults for human transformation and meta-sense abilities with all levels of Divine-Human DNA Heart mastery in light body-fusion and the free energy biosphere stellar vessels. This includes the New Earth children and their parents. She does consults for: new energy business, quantum sciences and light fusion dynamics, bio-tech, and bio-essence heart-template choices. This includes heart-essence self-healing of ancestral DNA, thereby; accessing Soul-Essence memory potential for trans-human fulfillment and meta-sense essence potentials for joyful living. She is a channel for The New Ascended Masters and publishes in the She is a guide to access free energy Essence potentials and embody the Divine-Human in its new DNA species heart. She is a pioneer in the quantum bio-cellular light-fusion sciences and the biophysical and bio-essence transition of soul-spirit’s light body evolution; including the consciousness of Life’s new multi-dimensional Species Bio-DNA life Systems for a new cosmic species.