Custom Cover Design

An eye-catching, professionally designed cover is essential to the marketability of your book. Think about the last time you were searching through books at your local bookshop or library. What made you take a book out and give it a look? Without a doubt, more than 90% of the time it is the cover. With the major shift to online ordering for the majority of book sales, it is now, more than ever, crucial that your book cover do justice to the content within.

Trafford Publishing's experienced design team can help you create a unique cover design that will bring your book to life. Our Design Consultant will first discuss your design concept with you. Our professional Design Team will use image manipulation and illustration to weave 5 or more design elements such as body shapes, hair and facial impressions, backgrounds, and supporting imagery in order to come up with a unique cover artwork.

With Trafford Publishing's Custom Cover Design included in your publishing package, you will rest easy that knowing that your book will get the attention it deserves.