Color Image Insertion

$10.00 per Item

Full-color images help improve the look of your book's interior layout. Please follow the guidelines below to make the best use of this service.

Submission Guidelines for inserting color graphics into the interior of your book:

  • All interior graphics (including photos, tables, charts, diagrams, drawings, foreign fonts, and anything else that is not text or would be considered a graphic) should be submitted as individual 300-dpi TIFF (.tif) files.
  • For full bleed, the images will need an extra 1/4" bleed around the images, but text and any details not to be cut have to be within a 1/4" from the edges; All images not to be full bleed have to be sized 1/4" from the edges.
  • The manuscript should identify placeholders for each of the interior graphics. Example: 'PLACE [IMAGE NAME] HERE' and please include any captions you wish to include.
  • The additional graphics fee is $10.00 per image insertion within the manuscript.
  • Images will be in color in four color CMYK.
  • The book cover does not "count" as a graphic. It is in full color for no additional charge.
  • Printer slang for "full color" is "four color"; this means the full range of colors, not literally just four colors.

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