Book Marketing Strategies

How can I promote my book at trade shows, conventions and other industry events?

Large marketing events such as trade shows, book fairs, conferences, conventions and festivals can provide excellent opportunities for authors to network with industry professionals and spread the word about their book(s). If you would like to attend any such event, it is your responsibility to thoroughly research the event and make all the arrangements for attending. Before you sign up for a book event, consider the cost/benefit balance, your marketing goals, how much exposure and/or book sales you can realistically gain, the total cost for the event (don’t forget to include the cost of a booth, an attractive display, food, travel expenses and lodging) and if the event will truly reach your target audience. Once you've fully researched an event, you'll be able to make an informed decision regarding whether or not to attend.

When Trafford Publishing attends industry events that we think might bring some benefit to our authors, we'll create unique book signing and/or gallery services that extend the opportunity for participation to you.