Book Orders

What happens if there are complications with my book order?

Some delays on your book order may be due to: preferred payment options. Should you prefer not to submit your credit card number or complete your order online when buying, we do provide an opportunity to print out your order form to mail or fax to us with your credit card number, or you can mail your order form with a certified check or money order payment.

Note: When it comes to a book order payment, we want to avoid any long delays that often occur when waiting for personal checks to clear the bank, so we only accept certified checks and money orders. Checks must have a valid nine-digit bank routing number (ABA code) at the bottom.

Tracking for your order is available at the time of shipping to your email address on file. This shipping confirmation will allow you to track your order online.

If you have any additional questions about your book order, contact customer support at 844.688.6899.