E-book FAQs

Where will my e-book be available for purchase?

Trafford Publishing works with multiple partners for e-book distribution, and each partner maintains a very dynamic list within its network.

While we submit your e-book to many channels, please understand that each distribution partner or retailer reserves the right to choose their list.

Currently our e-books are distributed in formats compatible with the following devices and sites*:

  • Amazon Kindle (a wireless reader)
  • Barnes & Noble eReader (an application for iPhone, Blackberry, Windows PC or Mac)
  • The nook (a wireless reader from Barnes & Noble)
  • BooksOnBoard (which is available on the iPhone and iPad via the Stanza application)
  • Google Play Books (customers can buy books through Google Play with their Google accounts)
  • iBooks Store (Apple's online bookstore available for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch)
  • Kobo Books
*All retailers reserve the right to accept or deny making content available on their e-book stores.
*To meet submission standards, please review your manuscript thoroughly to ensure spelling accuracy and correct rendering of any diacritical mark such as tilde, caret, acute accent, or the like.