Image Formatting

How do I label and submit images so they appear properly in my book?

Trafford Publishing's book designers will help you place the images in your book. We request that authors do not submit images embedded in their manuscripts because the text of your book and the images will be imported into the design program separately. Embedded images are automatically reduced in size and resolution; embedded images must be extracted and resized before they can be separately placed back into your book. Image extraction will incur a fee and could delay the timeline for your book.

Therefore, we request that our authors submit each image in a separate, individual file by email in a JPEG, TIFF or PDF format with a resolution of 300 DPI or higher. If your files are too large or you have too many, you are encouraged to send them on a CD or flash drive. Submitting original hard copy photographs or illustrations is not encouraged, unless it is an absolute last resort. Due to the high volume of materials we receive and process in our headquarters, Trafford Publishing cannot assume responsibility for lost or damaged physical materials.

In order for the Trafford Publishing book designers to ell images apart, you must use a labeling system that is clear and signifies the order and placement of images within your book. For example, the first image to appear in your book should be labeled "01.jpg" "01.PDF" or A.tiff"; the second image in your book should be labeled "02.jpg" "02.PDF" or "B.tiff", and so on. Following this method ensures your images are placed by the book designer in the order you want them to appear, and you can easily refer to each image by its label.

Placeholders are used instead of embedded images to signal where each image should be placed within your manuscript. When writing your manuscript, simply include a placeholder like [PLACE IMAGE HERE filename.jpg] in red font so your book designer can easily identify where to replace text with an image you submitted separately. If you would like to include a caption or other instructions for your image, type them in within your image placeholder.

Example: [PLACE IMAGE HERE 08.jpg CAPTION: Our wedding day, July 28, 2007.]