Image Formatting

What are the causes of color variation in printing the cover?

We cannot guarantee a 100 percent color match on every single printing. Several factors affect how a color looks from printer to printer and computer monitor to computer monitor.

First, every computer monitor is different. The brand of computer monitor and adjustable color settings that alter the brightness and contrast of your monitor create an inconsistency of colors between computer screen and printer.

Secondly, colors appear different when they are printed versus how they are displayed on a monitor. This happens because monitors create color using light, while a printer creates color using ink. Other factors also play a role, like the difference in a monitor and printer’s mechanics and range of colors it can accommodate.

Lastly, individual devices interact with each other differently; cameras, scanners, monitors and printers all communicate color differently, using different ink formulas and values. They do not necessary use the same values or measures to record or describe a color.