Publishing with Trafford

Is Trafford a traditional or non-traditional publisher?

No, Trafford is a supported self-publishing service provider. There are many advantages to self-publishing. You remain in complete control of the finished product because you get to decide what text, images, illustrations, fonts, etc. to use in your book. You retain the rights over your manuscript, unlike publishing traditionally where your publisher usually becomes the copyright owner. The timeline for self-publishing can also much quicker compared to traditional publishing where it often takes 2 years or more for your book to get published.

You have the ability and control to set the price of your book including how much royalty you earn per copy sold. Additionally, you do not need an agent, eating into potential profits, in order to get your manuscript noticed, accepted and published. Also, unlike traditional publishers who only market their most promising titles, we offer marketing materials and promotional services for you to market your book.