Publishing with Trafford

Why should I choose Trafford Publishing over other self-publishing services?

Trafford's inspiration stems from a genuine belief in our authors. More than 10,000 writers from over 120 countries have realized their dream of publication with Trafford as their Indie Publishing Partner. Our goal is to provide the ultimate publishing experience producing the definitive book born of a vivid imagination. This authometric motivation means that we are continually evaluating, adapting and developing our services, fuelled by author feedback. As a result, Trafford today opens a new chapter in the story of the Indie Publishing Revolution.

Advancements in print on demand technology and a detailed reassessment of our services have enabled us to provide authors with the exact book they want. We achieved this in the past by working within specific production templates. The trouble is that now there are a number of Indie Publishers modeled around these very same services. Today we move away from template driven services and toward full customization, with a greater range of custom sizes and optional inserts.