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Trafford Video Tutorials are a valuable resource provided especially for Trafford authors. Our straightforward, easily accessible video tutorials help guide you through the publishing process. We include easy-to-follow video tutorials catering to every author's needs—find tips on all publishing topics, from how to create a stunning book cover to what you should expect after you submit all of your materials for publication.

You can refer to our Video Tutorials whenever you need them. These videos are reliable and comprehensive sources, available any time on our website—no log-in necessary. We do add up-to-date and new content to our video playlists, so be sure to check back for publishing advice from the pioneers of indie publishing. If you have any questions, please submit an inquiry on our contact page or call us at 1.888.232.4444.


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 Submitting Your Manuscript for Publication: What You Need to Know
Overview of the steps included to successfully submit your completed manuscript.
 Poetry Books: Guidelines & Design Options
This video demonstrates some guidelines and design options unique to poetry publishing.
 How to Merge Text Files
Your manuscript needs to be in a single, merged document. This video tutorial shows you how to merge multiple files into one.
 5 Formatting Tips That Will Help You Avoid Delays
Check your manuscript for the five most common submission mistakes to avoid possible production delays later.
 Using Images to Bring Your Book to Life
Explains everything you need to know about using images inside your book and on your cover.
 Color Books: Guidelines & Design Options
Highlights how full-color publishing is different from black & white publishing. Topics include “CMYK Color Mode” and “Full-Bleed Images.”
 How to Check Image Size & Resolution
Learn how to check the size and resolution of an electronic image file using Microsoft Office Picture Manager and Adobe Photoshop.
 5 Tips for a Great Cover Design
They say "never judge a book by its cover", but the cover design is the best way to make a strong first impression on potential readers. This video offers 5 tips for a successful design.
 Submitting a Print-Ready PDF for a Black & White Book
If you are submitting your manuscript as a print-ready PDF, there are very important specifications it must meet.
 Submitting a Color Print-Ready PDF
If you are submitting your manuscript as a completed, print-ready PDF, there are very specific requirements it must meet.
 Proofing Your Book's Interior
Your designer has assembled the interior of your book and it is now ready for you to review. This video will show you what to do next.
 Proofing Your Cover

Your designer has completed the design of your book's cover and it's now time for you to review the work. This video will show you what to do next.

 How and Where to Send Your Materials
This video covers the different ways you can send your materials to Trafford for publication.
 What Happens Next? A Production Overview
Once you've submitted all your materials, we'll be able to begin production of your book. This video provides a step-by-step overview of the production process and lets you know what you should expect.
How to Create Tables
A demonstration of the proper way to create tables in Microsoft Word.
How to Create Columns of Text

If you're trying to create columns of text, for your poetry or list of ingredients in your cookbook for example, this tutorial will demonstrate the proper way to do so in Microsoft Word.

How to Create Footnotes
Learn the correct way to create footnotes in your manuscript using Microsoft Word.
How to Create an Index

Learn how to construct an index with this detailed demonstration.

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