Free Will vs Predestination

Does God know your choices before you make them?
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  • Published: May 2019
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A little more than five hundred years ago, Martin Luther should have nailed ninety-six theses to the church door instead of only ninety-five. The ninety-sixth could have been about predestination, wherewith Luther could have prevented a schism developing in Protestantism over the Doctrine of Predestination. John Calvin, another Reformer who followed Luther quite a few years later, mistakenly taught that predestination, as described in the New Testament, applies to individuals instead of to the Christian Church as a whole. As a result, no one can choose eternal life or eternal damnation because every person has been predestined by God for one or the other. It is the church as a whole that was predestined by God ahead of time and not the individual. However, each individual can choose whether or not to join the church. This book shows Calvin’s mistake.

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