The Rough Road or The Golden Path?

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  • Published: September 2014
  • Format: E-Book
  • Pages: 282
  • ISBN: 9781490744827
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This is a story like many others—the history of a person persecuted for knowing, but mainly for spreading the truth that has never really been welcome in this world. This persecution happened at the time he was deeply in love with a very pretty young lady he was paying court to, but to survive and to have a chance to continue writing about the biggest scandal of all times, he had to flee from her, and this without even have a chance to explain the situation to her. By writing his story, this man is in the hope that a public inquiry will be made about these injustices that have hurt him a lot. For this matter, he has brought together many testimonies of people who participated in this persecution. Many of these people have regretted deeply, mostly because they are animal lovers and many of these animals were cruelly and savagely killed in the process. But just like Jesus said it and I often said it myself, the weeping and gnashing of teeth are not for the children of God. It is already too late to save the dead animals that paid the price for these crimes, but a public inquiry might just be the tool that will help in saving these innocent beings in the future.

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