Kingdom of Rainbows and Unicorns,or Polina’s New Year’s Adventure

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The New Year’s Eve is truly a magical time. It is when the old year departs, and a new year arrives, and Father Frost, also known as Santa Claus, pays a visit to children who have been good, bringing wonderful gifts. It is at this magical moment that little Polina finds herself in the Kingdom of Rainbows and Unicorns. There she meets her “twin” – Princess Alina and her little helpers, unikittens, and a creature of her dreams, a unicorn named Prince Rainbow. Together with Alina and Prince Rainbow, Polina explores the fairy-take kingdom and encounters alicorns – the flying unicorns and a rainbow “bubblefall.” Polina’s amazing adventure would be completely fantastic, if the next morning, she wouldn’t wake up to realize that all that has happened to her was only a beautiful dream.

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