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SEM - Advanced Campaign


Thanks to the internet, your global audience is just a few keystrokes away. And with Google, spreading word about your book online is a whole lot easier.

Search engine marketing with this internet giant, in particular, is an online marketing strategy that you can use to reach your readers. With the right keywords and a compelling ad, you can stand to potentially bring your book in front of a million Google users.

With our Google SEM - Advanced Campaign service, not only do you get premium ad placement and a long-term online ad campaign, you’ll also be supported by our web design and search engine experts.

This service includes:

  • Online Ad Presence for 3 Months. Reach more people and grow your readership with 3 months of premium, targeted ads on Google.
  • First page placement of your ad over the campaign period. Think about it: When was the last time you clicked all the way to page 6 on your Google search page? With this service, your ad will show up on the first page search results.
  • In-house search experts to help you choose up to 30 keywords. Keywords are the words and/or phrases people use to find content on search engines. The right keywords help you show up on relevant searches, meaning your target audience can find your website—and your book—that much faster. Keyword performance is tracked and managed monthly so only high-performing keywords and phrases are retained.
  • Monthly reporting and ability to change campaign details proactively. We’ll keep track and make monthly reports of how well your campaign is doing so we can change our search engine marketing strategy as necessary, with you right at the helm of the whole operation.
  • Premium Website Setup. Your website is your portfolio, your resume, your brand, and your own digital storefront all in one, so it’s crucial to leave a great first impression on visitors with a well-designed website.

Good to Know

Trafford can help you achieve your marketing goals. Just call your Marketing Consultant on 844-688-6899 to learn more about this service or to sign up.


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